Lightening fast socks

After finishing the Millicents, I wanted a quick and simple project. Thing 1 outgrew her Christmas socks nearly as soon as I got them off the needles (note to self: stop feeding that kid…) so I had promised her I’d knit another pair. Eva kindly included some sock yarn for the girls when she sent my swap package, so I decided to use it. It’s very girl-friendly, as you can see.

Size 13 kidlet socks, plain stockinette with flap heel
48 stitches around
2.25mm (US1) OR 2.0mm (US0) dpns (um, is it bad I don’t know?)
Opal Petticoat, color 1290

These were just the project I needed this week – easily carried, fast to knit, and full of spring colors. Now let’s hope she can wear them for more than two months!

Thank you for all the complements on Millicent; I’m very proud of them, though I feel most of the credit goes to the awesome designer. Thanks also for the suggestions on keeping them up. Rebecca, I’m surprised at the level of masochism you are capable of – I could never cut these socks and reknit them! Some things are too much about the journey for me, I suppose… I’m actually wavering now on my plans to dye them, but really like Farm Witch’s idea of decorating my sock-ties with shells or beads (cause I’m a little like that too!)


8 thoughts on “Lightening fast socks

  1. Love the socks! The knee-highs are very cool! I’m taking a break from blogging…the move finally caught up with me. Not taking a break on knitting! I’ll blog again soon.Kelle (kpknits)

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