Great idea!

Teaandcakes (also one of the hostesses of the “Knitter’s Treat Exchange”) left me a very interesting idea in the comments of my last post. She mentioned something called “socks glue“that is used in Japan, particularly among schoolgirls participating in the “loose socks” fad. Hmm, I’m not so into huge, slouchy socks, but this stuff sounds like it could be a knee-sock-knitter’s dream product…

Boringly enough, I don’t have much else to write. Life has been rather involving this week, and though there is much progress on brother Dave’s socks, they’re not much to photograph right now. So forgive my brevity, and I’ll post again when there is more to share.


2 thoughts on “Great idea!

  1. BeautiControl has something they call body glue, and I bought some of it on a whim. It looks like a small roll-on deodorant container, and you roll on a thin layer of glue. I’ve used it for years to keep my socks up. Just don’t forget to wash your legs before you go to bed, or they’ll stick to the sheets. (Ask me how I know.)

  2. Oh yeah, socks glue. The glue is for their legwarmers, which are supposed to be really cool. I wanted a pair, but my friends said they were only for high school girls. Bah.

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