Socks for the soldier

Andy and I have been watching HBO television series on dvd lately; we finished “Deadwood” a couple weeks ago (anxiously awaiting the release of the next season!) He’s gone so sporadically that it’s hard to wait for him to watch newly released movies, or serial shows in “real time,” but with a series on disc I can wait till he is home to watch. We’ve been enjoying “Rome” this week, and I finished my brother’s socks during a ‘Rome Date Night’ last evening.

Socks for Dave
Paton’s Kroy 3-ply, olive green, two balls worth
Leg knit on 70 st., foot on 68 st., using 2mm (US0) dpns.
Started 1 April, completed 5 April.

Just as he requested: plain, green, and wool. They’ll be heading overseas with some other goodies soon.

I haven’t worked much on the Pomatomus, but they will be getting some attention in the coming week. First though, I am very excited to start using this:

Approximately 1500 yards of cashmere laceweight, which I snagged during Cookie and Kristi’s stash-busting fund raiser for MSF. This stuff is sooooo soft, when I first received it in the mail I could only pet it and rub it against my cheek… soft… caaaashmeeere…. sooooofffttttt…..
*ahem* Hello! For what is this yarn destined, you may ask?
I am going to knit it into the Starlight Wrap that Anne just finished designing. It just happens to be the right yardage (so I’m sticking to my stash,) I adore the color, and I really love the pattern. Stay tuned for updates…

For the curious (and I know there are some of you out there) both wood pieces in the photos, the dolphin and the dish the yarn (oh, soft cashmere…) is resting in, are part of Andy’s new hobby. No, he didn’t make them (though given time and practice I do not doubt his ability), but he spent part of last weekend staining and finishing the stocks of his vintage black-powder rifles. (They turned out very nicely, by the way, and I may have to post some brag photos…) When he was done, he found himself struck by the Finishing Bug, and went around the house looking for anything wood to refurbish… These two pieces were his “victims,” and he did a very nice job on them, no? (I hear rumors that my yarn cabinet and work table are next…)

All for now.


6 thoughts on “Socks for the soldier

  1. Those look like very comfy socks, and I’m sure your brother will love them. The cashmere is lovely, too – that color is so wonderful! What a treat. :)I, too, have been watching HBO on DVD while knitting socks (small world, eh?) I just finished re-watching Six Feet Under (one of my all-time favorite television series), and I had to put down the knitting on the last episode because I was crying so hard (it doesn’t seem to matter that I’ve seen it before), I was afraid I was going to stab myself with a dpn! 🙂

  2. the socks look excellent.the Starlight Wrap? OMG. you are a brave woman!!! I suppose knitting with that loveliness is all that counts……… it will be amazing.

  3. hahaha! there are so many coincidences in this post that i had to comment. i made a shawl out of the kroy in the same color last year ( i really like that yarn!and then the cashmere that you are using for the starlight wrap? i bought some of the same stuff from cookie—in a pretty bright green for me, and in pink for my friend debbie.small world . . .

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