Knit by the light of the moon…

So I sat up far too late last night, finally working on the beginnings of the Starlight Evening Wrap. I had a little trouble at the start figuring out how to do a provisional cast-on, but got the hang of it on my second try, and I now have two finished repeats of the 16-row central chart.

I finished up the merino from the Spunky Eclectic roving, which I was spinning for a friend who wants to use it in a sweater. The colors came out a bit more muted than I’d expected, which is good as it needs to go with some brown handspun already purchased for the project. I hope she likes it.

With space for rent on the bobbins, I’ve started spinning another top.

This is targhee roving from Susan’s Spinning Bunny, dyed in the “Blueberry Patch” colorway. It’s the first time I’ve worked with targhee wool, and so far it is spinning up into a very bouncy yarn. It’s soft, but seems as though it will wear better than merino. Perhaps mittens? Or more socks? Perhaps I should just enjoy spinning it first

Finally, I have proof that spring has reached even Alaska. Here is the yard:

Last week there was a foot of semi-frozen snow-ish ice; the kids went sledding. Today, there is green grass. Honestly, Alaskan grass seems to be the hardiest stuff I’ve ever seen – I can’t say that it turned brown even under all that snow!


6 thoughts on “Knit by the light of the moon…

  1. ahhh but if you go a bit north they are still ice fishing 😀 So if you really really miss the white stuff head up north of Eagle River.

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