Hi! Sorry for the lack of blogging… My mother- and sister-in-law are visiting this week, so I haven’t been on the computer much. I’ll certainly have more to tell later on, but I wanted to check in real quick-like and say “Thank You!” to my Sockret Pal, Louise, who knit some great socks for me!

They fit like a dream, and there were some other goodies too: a bar of Hot Chili Pepper chocolate (long gone, sorry there is no evidence… ’twas quite good though!) an adorable little bird notebook, and some rocks from Lake Superior! (I really wasn’t kidding, I love rocks for my collections!)

And look what Louise did, she used double yarn for the heel and sole of the foot, so these socks will never wear out! Clever knitter! Thank you, Louise, for all the treats!
Now I’m going to go delve into the new book I bought that just came in the mail… Ahhh, new mitten inspiration…

All for now!

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7 thoughts on “Company

  1. Good to see you!!! I was getting worried about your ‘silence’ and was going to mail you tonight :)It is a great book isn’t ??? If only I got the hang of knitting with 2 colors hehehe. I tried last night, but I failed miserably…Cheers Eva

  2. The Hot Chili chocolate is really good. There is a hot chili Aztec style hot chocolate out there that has a real kick. I love the first taste of cinnamon but the kick of the chilis is a bit much for me. Thankful preteen boys like it. And your socks are pretty. I will have to look for rocks for your collection from either the Potomac or at the MDS&W.

  3. I adore hot chili chocolate! It’s just about the only chocolate I really indulge in. You know, I’d send you some lava rocks, but they’re notoriously cursed by the goddess Pele. People scoff at the curse, but too many have ended up sending them back for me to discount it entirely.

  4. Pretty socks! Pretty book! Looks like I might have something to live up to!So, browns, blues and greens? Lovely, some colors that I adore as well…now to figure out a pattern.Your Ever Lovin’ Sock Pal (YELSP)

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