We now return to our regular programming…

Our company left this morning on the early plane; it was very good to have them visit, and I was sorry their stay was so short (and in such a tempermental season – spring in Alaska is not always the prettiest time…) Unfortunately, my mother-in-law contracted some horrid coughing bug just before she arrived (You! Yes, you, the man coughing on the plane without covering your mouth! I have a bone to pick with you…) I immediately followed suit, so she and I played a lovely chorus of honking every evening… I’m still recovering (slowly.)

I do have some spinning and knitting to show off. Before you ask, the first Pomatomus sock is still slogging along, I’ve knit only three more rows on Rusted Root, and I haven’t even touched the Starlight wrap. (It’s rude to absorb oneself in reading charts when one has company!)

I did finish the picot cuff socks for Thing 2; they are fraternally matching, as I was afraid of running out of yarn, but I’m sure they will be very cute on 5 year-old feet.

I also started a new pair of socks using some Socks That Rock yarn, colorway G-Rocks. As it started knitting up, I commented that it’s a little too pink for my taste, but my sister-in-law quickly told me she knew of a perfect home…

Finally, the magnum opus in my spinning career so far.

This is a 50/50 superwash merino/tencel blend that I dyed up a few months ago. I divided the roving into thirds by weight using my scale, then spun three bobbins of very fine singles.

Plied together off the lazy-kate, it made a perfect three-ply sock yarn. I got ~365 yards, and I’m so incredibly pleased with this yarn. It is destined to become a gift for a very dear friend here in town, who has encouraged (read: generously patronized) my fledgling spinning/dyeing efforts, and who is as much of a sock-knitting aficionado as I am.

It will be a little hard to part with this yarn, as I feel it is my best effort yet, but I suppose I can always make some more…


13 thoughts on “We now return to our regular programming…

  1. Cute socks for Thing 2 πŸ™‚ and that blue yarn you spun… what a pity I don’t live in your town LOL… It is gorgeous :)Cheers Eva

  2. It’s ALLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! (except the cough, that ain’t good) I love the socks, gorgeous, but being a fairly new spinner,I am really impressed with your yarn!!!! Really beautiful. Is there a location on your blog showing just the wool and it partly spun? I would love it see it.

  3. Wow that yarn is gorgeous stuff! I have not, yet, become a spinner myself (a clue perhaps?) but I have been eyeing the wheel that’s been visiting my house lately…you might have inspired me closer to tryingYELSP

  4. Your handspun is lovely! I’m still working up nerve to try three-plying some; you inspire me… And I love the pattern you’re using for the G-Rocks socks — it shows off the yarn nicely without getting lost in the colorway.

  5. Beautiful yarn Lori! Your socks are lovely too. I finally started knitting socks! My first pair out of the yarn you sent me from the sock yarn swap. **I’m at my new blog

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