Knitter’s Treat Swap, G-Rocks Socks, and Spinning

I’ve heard of people getting shafted in swaps, having flakey pals, and all sorts of horrible stuff, but my sendees in the swaps I’ve participated in have all been stellar. I received a package from my Knitter’s Treat Exchange swap pal today, and it was no exception!
Above is the card she made and sent along introducing herself. That picure on the front keeps making me smile – it’s destined to be hung in my new wool room for certain. Here was the sight that greeted me when I opened the box.

Suprised I managed to take a photo before digging in? Me too.
The yummies: chocolate biscotti (enough so when my family digs in, there will still be some for me!) a beautiful cup (it says “nurturing” just inside the rim) and some decadent chocolate bars. (Trust me, they’re d-e-licious!)
The pampering treats: some adorable Amy Brown fairy band-aids (I believe these might have been meant for the Squirrel-Girls as well, but I love them!) a Burt’s Bees hand care kit, some lucious Bigelow cinnamon lip shine (yum!) and a couple samples of Davies Gate Lemon Thyme hand cream. (On the back, they advertise their hand cream as being “As thick as cake frosting;” let me tell you, they’re not kidding.) I’m totally pampered.
The knitty bits: some Post-its for pattern row markers (perfect, particularly as the girls like to *borrow* my post-it notes…) an awesome sock pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the STR to go with it (!!!) (in the beautiful colorway “Rare Gems”) and two magazines – one a home/lifestyle magazine about Lehigh Valley (where my pal lives, and coincidentally, where I’ve spent many summers visiting family!) and a British knitting magazine that has, among the great springtime patterns, extras like a mini Knit Library (featuring springtime colorwork motifs and a couple new-to-me lace stitches) some interesting yarn reviews, and even a recipe for lamb stew – cool!
Last, but far from least, are some stitch markers that I love so much – they remind me of drops of tropical water. They were made by none other than my swap pal, Laurie. (Check out her etsy shop!)

Thank you so much, Laurie, for sending such a thoughtful package! You really brightened my day!

I finished the G-Rocks Socks. I like them, even though there was a fair bit of pooling in the second sock. Someday I’ll figure out why hand-painted yarn does that and how to prevent it, and I’ll be rich.

I gave in to the call of the Spinning Bunny roving, and it’s actually waiting to be plied at the moment… I’m doing a two ply, after splitting the roving widthwise and then tearing each half down to thin strips.

The fiber is super-soft, but was a little hard to spin at first, probably because of the extra-long staple of silk fiber. Once I got the hang of it, the fiber flew out of my hands onto the bobbin. Seriously, I could probably spin a whole sweater’s-worth of this stuff without getting bored. The luxurious feel of it, the excellent color… I’m so in love with this yarn it’s fairly disgusting; Andy could become jealous. So I’ll go ply now, and tell you all about it tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “Knitter’s Treat Swap, G-Rocks Socks, and Spinning

  1. That is the cutest card. I’m going to be on a search for that picture. Lucky you with your pal. Makes me want to join a swap. Know of any spinning swaps happening?

  2. You definitely got spoilt! I’ve had the same experience as you with swaps – no flakers at all, but it’s amazing that it happens. I’ve just finished hosting a knitted purse swap for the second time and I’m not doing it again for a while: the chasing up of grown adults frustrates me.

  3. All the stuff looks great. The card is really cute. I know pooling is considered undesireable, but I think that when STR does it, it does it in a more charming way than other yarns. I think they look great.

  4. What a great swap pal.. everything is fabulous! I love the colors of the fiber you are spinning.. can’t wait to see how it plies up.

  5. pretty, pretty fiber!!! Your spinning is very inspiring to me…really. I now have a drop spindle in my possession as well as being lucky enough to have a friend who has lent me her wheel. I have also downloaded all kinds of instructions off the internet and am ready to go…But first…your socks! (ok, so I now have the yarn but the correct pattern has so far eluded me…I keep seeing different patterns and thinking “that’s the one!” and then finding another…and another…)YELSP

  6. I’m so glad that you have had such great swap pals! I really like the stitch markers and the card in particular. They remind me of the ocean here in Hawaii!

  7. Great goodies from your buddy (I’m originally from the Lehigh Valley, too!) I love that card – “Chicken Run” has become my 3-year-old’s new obsession, and she points out all the time the chicken who knits “like mommy!” Very cute kid! And the yarn you’ve spun is great – I love Susan’s fibers!

  8. Not that I’m FAR behind in my reading but…You’re So WELCOME! LOL! I don’t know how I missed your SWAP post but I was reading and said “Hey! I know that stuff!”DOH!We will DEFINITELY have to make plans to meet at Rhinebeck!p.s. I’m still waiting for an awesome swap partner. Doesn’t stop me from spoiling MY partners, tho. It was so much fun!

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