No picures, some rambling…

Gah, I’ve been spinning my wheels this week, and I’m not implying that I’ve been making yarn.

I wish I could distract you with pictures of the dog or cat, but the camera battery is dead, and I can’t find the charger. (It may have gone home with my sister-in-law, as she has the same brand of camera. I almost hope so, because otherwise I’ve lost my mind, as I was sure the charger was on the kitchen counter…)
I did finish the Rusted Root sweater, but, again, no photos until I have camera batteries with juice, and besides, Andy’s not here to take a decent photo. I’m a little tired of the mirror poses. It did turn out well, though, and fits nicely; now, if only the weather would cooperate and be warm enough for me to wear it…
I started a pair of arm warmers with My Precious (the new handspun yarn,) and although I like the way it knits up, the pattern I was concocting wasn’t quite what I wanted. So I ripped. I have a couple other in-progress projects I should work on, the Starlight Wrap among them, but I can’t seem to be interested in reading the charts, it seems like it would take too much time. I should just start another pair of Plain Socks to pass the time.

Something about the upcoming move has put me in a funny mental state, a sort of holding pattern, about nearly everything. I can’t buy too much food at the grocery store, we might not eat it before we leave. Can’t start a new big spinning project, might not finish it before we leave. Don’t want to start anything, and I seem to be having trouble doing anything as well… I begin housework and walk away, start something else, leave it too… I’m completely restless, and still halfway sick (bronchitis, they tell me,) and generally not at ease.

I’ve been making lists, lots of lists: what to pack in the camper, what to leave for the movers, how to prepare my stuff for the movers to pack it (we’re particularly interested in fiber here, as I don’t entirely trust my wool stash to cardboard boxes alone… I need many Ziplocs. And what will they do to my wheel???) I’m worried about the cat while driving across the country – what if she flips out and runs away? I’m worried about what to do when we get there, what if our things cannot be delivered right away? We could be there a couple weeks with only what we’ve brought on the drive. What will the weather be like when we get to Maine, what clothes should I pack for the girls? What toys and books?

Nearly exactly three weeks until we leave, two until the movers come and take away our furniture and “household goods.” We’re not allowed to pack our own boxes (something about liability, etc,) so there’s really not much for me to do; perhaps that’s the most frustrating part. I’ve been amusing myself mentally about which knitting projects I should take. Two weeks riding in the car, knitting all the way – sounds like a dream come true! But what to take? Small things, socks, mittens, perhaps some colorwork? But what if I get bored with those, should I take a sweater? Perhaps some cotton and dishcloth patterns? (some of you will note my desperation here, as I don’t believe I’ve ever posted the ONE knitted dishcloth I’ve made…) What books/magazines do I need to take with me? Will just two EZ books be enough?
I’m certain that whatever I decide, the quantity will appall Andy, though he’ll probably politely say nothing. He’s a very smart man.

Is this behavior normal, given the situation?

Just for kicks, if you were going to be driving across North America for two weeks, what knitting/yarn would you take?

ETA! Found the battery charger, it was in the kitchen drawer, and the batteries are currently charging! Photos tomorrow, of what I’m not certain…


11 thoughts on “No picures, some rambling…

  1. There’s no doubt that moving time is extremely unsettling. Your routines are upset and there is looming uncertainty about everything. The lists are a good idea. I suggest if you don’t have one already a three ring binder to keep all your notes and important papers in. As you are traveling, keep in mind that if you can’t find an lys and you need supplies that Walmart carries just enough yarn and tools for a quick fix. When it gets really stressful, remind yourself that it will all too soon be a distant memory. Good luck with the move and locating your camera battery charger.

  2. Yikes…and I thought my last move was nerve wracking!!!Hmmm…what would I take? Well, from my current stash I would probably take the fixin’s for my entrelac blanket (love that you can really work one square at a time), some socks, and then some Dulaan hat yarn. But then I find basic stockinette terribly soothing…and the entrelac would mix things up for me. šŸ™‚ Just be sure to bring at least one of all the tools you’ll need, even if you end up changing projects mid way. IE: tape measure, darning needle, scissors, crochet hook, etc.Good luck! It’ll be over and you’ll be settled before you know it!YELSP(you can email me at if you want to…)

  3. Socks! Maybe even knee-highs. I should think about this, as I may be in the same quandary soon …oh, and my drop spindle for the stopped time.

  4. If it were me, I’d take a few things to work on in the car that may need to be simpler because of the wee ones in there with you. A thing or two to work on when you’re stopped overnight and can follow a chart or a written pattern. I get carsick reading in the car so not having to read a pattern is important. Must remember to take the supplies. Also a basic hat pattern, and a basic sock pattern. That way if you have to stop at the Walmart for yarn you already have a pattern. And since you’re a spinner the drop spindle. Ziploc bags are great. I found 2.5 gallon Hefty brand zipper bags at Walmart. They’re great for larger projects. Space bags are great for yarn becuase they suck all the air out and make it all smaller.Good luck on the move. Don’t forget to pack a box of essentials for the first night: toilet paper, first aid kit, soap, light bulbs, flash light, sheets, etc. That way if you pull in late you don’t have to run to the store right away.

  5. moves (even the great happy ones) are never easy. I’d take lace and sock projects- small and light and pack easy, and easy to pu and put away.good luck with the packing!PS- take some patterns but books are heavy.

  6. A two-week road trip? I’d start a sweater a few days before the trip – nothing too complicated like a fancy fair isle or aran sweater, but something with some interesting bits… and I’d place bets with myself to see if I could finish it on the trip. I’d also take along at least two pairs of socks worth of yarn for when I get bored with the sweater. šŸ™‚

  7. We didn’t have QUITE as far to move, but Vermont to Utah was just over 2400 miles. My 2 cents: Take several small projects. You’ll get bored – trust me. Will the moving company let you put your wool in plastic Rubbermaid totes? I would if you can. Just in case one of the boxes they strap to the outside of the truck happens to contain wool, and it just happens to rain. I found socks were perfect traveling projects. You can always toss them on the dashboard if you need to hop out at a rest area without losing your place. I would say totally normal behavior, considering….. šŸ™‚

  8. Hi! I would pack just enough to keep you occupied. I think you can check at for average temeratures. That way you know what to pack. If i were you I would make a list pick things and then stick to it. I always make a mess when I get nervous and start redoing the suitcase the night before. Well that is trip fever for you.

  9. You do not want to ask me what knitting/books I would take for a two week trip. We recently just traveled across state for a 2 day visit and I took: 3 different socks in progress, a couple other sock yarns and needles to start new ones, a shawl, a sweater and a dishcloth, all in progress. And then a couple books on knitting and a couple just reading books. Pathetic huh? So, if I were you I would have my own U-Haul filled with knitting/spinning/reading options, but then you’d have to pay a driver so you could knit or read on the way. Hmmmm, and a web cam thingy so you and your family could share the ride while in separate vehicles, well share it somewhat…..all in all I think it would be worth it though.

  10. I have no useful advice to offer, but I do want to offer my heartfelt support as you undergo this huge endeavor. Good luck to you. I can’t imagine the pure chaos that you’re enduring.

  11. Hellooo…I’m glad you found me! Speaking as someone who started a new job and moved – do some comfort knitting. I knit a simple striped sweater and a very bright pink hoodie from the Yarn Girls (it was fall & winter). You could do a sock marathon! I haven’t knit my Panda socks yet. The shop owner was knitting a pair of lace socks and it did not appear to be too stretchy.

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