Send those woolies packing!

Thanks for all the good advice on moving and suggestions for knitting on the road. When I moved to Alaska, I’d just picked up the needles again, so I worked on a simple wrap and a ribbed scarf the whole way. I knit a hat, and then a sweater during our first month here, while we were living in a cabin and waiting for our house to become available. Now that I’ve become the knitter who can turn out a pair of socks in three days and a sweater in a week, I guess my main concern is running out of wool. I know they sell more, but I am in the middle of a Yarn Fast, and doing quite well at it too. Actually, apart from swap-pal gifts, I’ve only made two purchases this year. One was my order of spinning fiber from Susan’s Spinning Bunny, and the other (also totally allowed by the rules) arrived the other day:

I couldn’t help myself; a hand-dyed superwash blue-face Leicester sock yarn and a pattern written by Mim? It’s the Boudica sock kit from Wooly Wonka Fibers, in the colorway “Wasatch.”

So anyway, yes, I’ve been good, and still planning on attending Rhinebeck in October. I’ve already got it marked on the calender and everything.

Regarding the moving-with-yarn issue, I’ve come to the conclusion there’s only one option for me. I have decided to take Peggy’s advice, and hire my own driver to haul myself and my entire yarn stash across the country, following Andy and the girls…

No, I suppose that really won’t fly. Ah, well.

I do have the next best thing though, which is a husband who prefers to drive, particularly when our little Jeep is towing the camper (and I’m totally not complaining about that!) So I’m already set up with a driver, and hey, I don’t have to pay him. I spent part of the afternoon packing up the woolies. Here’s the stuff for the movers.

(Yes, they will move Tuppervare. But the last time we moved, someone put a lawn mower upside-down on top of a pile of our stuff, and the oil in the engine leaked everywhere. So they *will* be taped shut. Securely.)

Doesn’t look like so much, does it? Okay, okay. But remember this includes spinning fiber too. The entire Wall O’ Roving has been dismantled…

Dear Andy. I asked him to get me “a bunch of huge Ziplocs” to put the yarn in; he proudly returned from the store with 3o gallon-sized bags. Because he occasionally reads the blog, I won’t say how many extra I needed. Suffice to say, the Stashalong is a good thing for me.

Oh, alright, you caught me. There is a little more:

In my defense, the only reason this isn’t put away is because I have a bunch of acid dyes already mixed up in liquid form. I’m certain they aren’t on the “acceptable” list for the movers to take, so I’m going to have a dye-fest before we go. Somewhere in the not-so-distant future I’m planning to open an etsy shop… (so remember that, all you who drool over my yarn!)

And here is what I have out in the “to take with” pile. (Foot for scale.)

Urm, yes. This shall probably be culled through before we leave… it may alarm the Mister.

As I was writing this post, I caught a funny moment on film.

Apparently, this little bird has more knowledge of physics than Hannah; he wasn’t at all perturbed, in fact he seemed to be taunting her. She was exasperated. Oh, and you might be able to see my solution to the “What-if-kitty-runs-away-in-the-Great-Canadian-woods?” problem: I bought a tiny dog harness, and she is in the process of getting used to it (not so happy about it though,) so we can keep her on a long lead at campgrounds.

All for now.


5 thoughts on “Send those woolies packing!

  1. Wow! I’m hoping to move soon (like, within the year) but we’ll be staying local – not hauling across the country! I couldn’t imagine packing up my stash!I was going to recommend Rhinebeck since you’ll be close to it, but looks like you’re already planning on going – one of these years I’m heading there, I swear it! People speak so highly of it – have fun! Good luck with getting everything packed and moved!

  2. Well, since you aren’t going to hire a driver and rent a uhaul you do have a very acceptable traveling stash. If you get bored with one thing it looks like you will have plenty of options. 🙂

  3. Etsy? Really? Yay! Can’t wait!!! Our kitties are “lead trained” one of them even will walk on a regular leash, but then he really wants to be a dog…all the way up to following the boy around like a dog and coming when whistled for.

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