Things that go bump

We have a visitor, unexpected, but welcome nonetheless.

Can you see him in there?

Yesterday, around suppertime, there was a *thud-crash-thump* as this little fellow came to an abrupt halt headfirst against the big picture window. I found him lying on his back, flapping one wing, looking extremely dazed. We deposited him in a bowl on some paper towels, but as the impact-shock wore off, it became apparent that his wing is injured. Some quick research suggests he (or she; I don’t know how to tell!) is a Pine Siskin, a very common bird in these parts, and a member of the finch family. I fixed him up a little bird apartment in a cardboard box, complete with two low perches (a pencil and a chopstick,) caps full of bird seed and water, and also a rock to help get up onto the perch.

He spent the night, and is very alert and chirpy this morning, but still unable to fly. I’ve put in a call to the local “wild-bird rescue lady,” and am hoping she will call back soon. Otherwise I’m going to get attached to the little guy! He has a sweet voice, and has been serenading me for the past hour or so.

(This is how I ended up with the nickname “Loribird,” by the way. As a kid I made a habit of dragging home all the fallen-fledglings and victims of housecat-hunts, and trying to nurse them back to health…)


12 thoughts on “Things that go bump

  1. He/she’s adorable. Reminds me of when we found a baby Robin that had fallen out of its nest after a storm. We called the local nature center and got some advice on how to raise it. Heating pads and beef baby food (no “worm” flavored available) got us through and we eventually took “Tinker” back to the nature center to learn to fly a bit better. They eventually released him and said that he did great (at least that’s what they told us). I hope your little guy recovers soon!

  2. Cute little birdy! Hope the rescue people help him out!Thanks for commenting on my blog – I agree, anything less than $9 or $10 an hour is ridiculous. They wonder why there’s so much poverty in this country – at least I’m lucky and my hubby has a decent job. Oh, and I tagged you for a meme – sorry!

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