Happy birdie; bad kitty.

Well, the good news is that the little pine siskin is fine. The kind bird-rescue lady, Charlotte, came by Monday afternoon to pick him up. After a quick examination she guessed, as I had, that there were no fractures in the wing, perhaps just some soft tissue damage, and that a week or so of “cage rest” (I like my term, “nest rest,”) should fix ‘im up.
He was a very friendly little bird, and I enjoyed having him around the house for a couple days. He was lively and friendly, quick to hop into my hand; probably enjoyed the warmth.

There is bad news to report on the bird-front, however, and I am ashamed and sad. The deck was teeming with birds all day Monday, and Hannah was curious beyond belief. She had never done more than watch the birds flying high above, but on Monday they were landing on the deck floor, and she couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, she is very quick, and caught and killed one (I found the little body inside) then I saw her catch another and made her release it. It flew off, I hope it lived.
Our house has no screens, but it can get very warm (80+ degrees F) inside if you don’t open the windows; I blocked the windows and sliding-door as best I could with baby-gates and cardboard, but underestimated the acrobatics a cat will go through to chase birds. She managed to escape and kill two or three more birds by the evening. I know cats are hunters by their nature, but I’ve owned many cats since I was small, and Hannah seems vicious beyond the norm: killing and tearing the birds in such quick succession, but not even trying to eat them or anything. I was horrified.
She spent much of the afternoon yesterday shut in the girls’ room so I could air out the house. I am having trouble viewing her kindly today; a friend had expressed interest in adopting her a few weeks ago, when we were debating how to take her across the country, and I may take my friend up on the offer. I’m finding I’m much more of a bird-person than a cat-person. If we were going to be living on a farm where she could help get rid of rodent pests, I’m sure her talents would be much more appreciated.
So now I feel terrible, both for the death of the birds and for my reaction to my cat’s natural actions; please don’t judge me too harshly, but let me know your thoughts if you like.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a more positive note, I have some knitting to show. I had some sock yarn from Fearless Fibers (in Marrakesh,), and as the skein is huge (550 yards!) I wanted to try making some simple kneesocks from it. I decided to do them toe-up (I’m usually a cuff-down girl,) to use every last bit of yarn.

Here is the first one. I started out using the “On Your Toes” pattern in the summer 2007 Interweave Knits (but with a K3, P1 rib, rather than the K2, P2 in the pattern, just ’cause.) But my aversion to short-row heels is what has kept me from knitting toe-up socks, so I borrowed the bottom-up heel-flap-and-gusset from my new Boudica sock kit pattern. I love the result.

It fits me like a dream, and left me free to do the increases up the back of the leg as I went along, rather than guessing and doing math. So far, so good. The only problem I might have is making the second one match (since I failed to write down the order of increasing…)

Tala just tagged me for a Random Facts meme, so I’ll get to that tonight or tomorrow morning. (And don’t apologize for tagging me, T; I’m happy to do memes!)

All for now.


16 thoughts on “Happy birdie; bad kitty.

  1. Even my Mimi with no front claws is able to catch birds. She isn’t vicious though. It is in their nature t hunt and kill. It might be better if you do decide to allow your friend adopt Hannah. She will probably happier to stay in Alaska and it will be less stress on you as move cross country.

  2. Poor birdies. Hannah can’t be blamed – it’s just the nature of the “beast”. But I HATE seeing a creature being killed by a cat, especially if it was right on my deck. That’s one of the reasons my cat is an indoor cat – that and the fact that his breed is so…um…naive that he couldn’t protect himself.Don’t feel like a bad person. She’ll be happy with your friend, you won’t harbor bad feelings towards her.How funny! I just bought soome Marrakesh! Glad to see it knits up nicely. Was a little worried about the drab color.

  3. Fantastic sock! It’s enough to make me want to try a toe-up heel flap & gusset. Thus far short row heels and I have not played well together.

  4. Well, first, before tagging someone I guess I should read their latest post huh? The sock looks lovely. How did you like the toe up method? I’m working on one right now and I’m not sure how I feel as I’ve always gone from cuff down. Have you ever raised zebra finches? We did when our children were little. They were awesome. She lays eggs and then the momma and daddy take turns sitting on them and take turns taking care of them once they are hatched. Loads of fun. I think I would be extremely upset if I had a cat killing birdies. I write you off post about a yorkie I had that kept killing my chickens.

  5. Girl, i understand. My three yearl old cat murdered my son’s hamster last fall. It was awful. I made her go outside. There is a warm barn with many mice eating my grain but she refuses to eat them or sleep there. INstead, she leaves dead chipmunks on the porch and tears the screens out of the windows. I love her, honestly – but I am starting to wonder if the farm cat thing is a myth. Most cats I know would rather be pampered inside and allowed to eat whatever, or whoever, they want. Now I’m sure I’ve roused the disdain of cat people – whom I love and I love cats- but it is maybe something I have to do. Plus, as a Mainer, I can say – it is rough on cats – even my veterinarian friend says so. Would you hurry up and get here?

  6. Love your socks – and look – you’ve gotten an extra use out of your sock kit pattern already! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That Mim does good work.

  7. I have been lusting after that color of Deb’s yarn for a while now – it’s nice to see it’s even more beautiful knit up! I’ll have to check out that toe up pattern for the non short row heel – I’m looking to do one for my current socks….

  8. I’m a cat person. I adore felines. But that doesn’t mean I adore their hunting nature. My cats don’t usually get to birds but they do get to lizards and it just makes me sick. I know they’re just following who they are, but I have a really hard time with it nonetheless. Frankly, I know a lot of cat lovers who feel the same way too. BTW, love the socks. Gorgeous colourway.

  9. I can understand your reaction to your cat. I’ve never been a cat person (due to a vicious cat my dad’s girlfriend once had) but I always said I’d keep one indoors if I ever had one for this reason. In Australia a lot of native birds are dying off for this reason so at the time (when I lived there) I wanted to do my bit to save the birdies.

  10. I know exactly how you feel about the cat/bird thing. I love our cat, but I get very upset with him when he kills things, especially baby birds and rabbits. I am glad your move went well and I hope you enjoy Maine.

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