Thanks for all the compliments on the sock and yarn! I noticed that Wendy has recently put up a PDF pattern for toe-up socks with gusset heels. There’s a link in her sidebar to free patterns, if you’re looking for it. Thanks also for commiserating and sharing the cat stories. It looks as though my friend here in town will probably be able to give Hannah a good home, so we will all be happier. (And I won’t have to worry about my little escape artist gnawing her way through the walls of our camper on the way to Maine! Man, when this feline gets determined…)

I’ve been tagged twice for the “7 Random Things” meme, first by Tala, and then by Peggy. So I have no choice but to participate 🙂

The “rules” are as follows:

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and need to read your blog.
Without further ado:

1. I’m originally from North Carolina, and I grew up a total beach girl. Until I went to college, I’d never spent more than two weeks away from the coast. Somewhere back in my mind, I’ll always be worried about my tan (or lack thereof.)

2. When we first moved to Alaska, I worked for awhile sewing brailer bags (giant mesh bags used on fishing vessels for holding/offloading fish.) The ones you see if you watch “Deadliest Catch” were made in the same place where I was working. Among other jobs, I’ve also worked as a bread baker, a librarian’s assistant, a line-cook, a substitute teacher, and a seamstress in a sofa factory.

3. I own a gun, a small pistol. I also want to learn to shoot black powder weapons and a bow.

4. I was a vegetarian for two years in my early twenties. Now I love eating wild game, and am hoping to get a chance to go hunting with Andy soon.

5. I studied ballet for almost eight years.

6. I don’t have one favorite color. My taste varies according to my mood and the subject of coloration.

7. I have a green thumb, and considered studying horticulture in college. (I didn’t though; I studied linguisitcs, and didn’t finsh my degree. Yet.)

Yup, so there are some more tidbits about me. It’s getting harder to find folks who haven’t done this meme, so I’m going to cop out and say, “If you haven’t, and you want to, say I told you to do it…”

Anyway, here is an example of why I can worry about running out of yarn on this trip.

One kneesock done, the other nearly to the heel-turn. (I started these Sunday night, and had to rip-and-redo the gusset due to sizing issues…)

I haven’t done a weather report in a (long) while, because it’s been, well, fairly normal here. But we’re once again getting to the time of year when Alaska has loooong days, so I’ll toss some stats at you.

Sunrise today was at 5:26, though it started getting light at 4:22. Official sunset is at 10:40 pm, but it will stay light until 11:44 pm. I’ll save you the math: that gives us 17 h 14m of actual sunlight, 19 h 22 m of daylight. Despite the sunny weather, the temperature today only reached 53, and will dip into the mid-30s tonight.
Alaskan springtime. You’ve got to love it.

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11 thoughts on “MemeMemeMeme

  1. I just ran across a comment of yours on Crazy Aunt Purl and realized we live in the same town. So I thought I’d say “Hi.”Two things after quickly scanning your blog: Sorry you’re leaving before we even met. And, wow, BEAUTIFUL stuff you knit!I’ve never been a knitter, but your photos make me want to start!And by the way, I’m also a transplanted southerner. Georgia/ Tennessee area. And I’ve only been here a couple of years. I, too, was utterly shocked and bummed to find out there are there aren’t thunder storms here.Go figure.annette_likes_rain AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Wow!!!! I knew there were times when there was a lot more daylight up there, but I had no idea so much!!!! I should have said in my MeMes that I own a Colt 45 Officers Model and did have my carry conceal until just a few years ago. For a women it is difficult to carry a weapon concealed. If it is in your purse what if someone grabs your purse? Anyways, I love to go to the range. And man alive girl!!!! You knit fast. I think you better follow up on my idea. Did you purchase the little thingy holding your needles on the second sock? I’ve seen something similar at my LYS but the buggers are $19.50.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog.Of course, I didn’t even think about sled dogs! Which reminded me that friends of ours in Toronto have to ‘boot up’ their dogs coz of the salt on the ice.Very impressed with your knee socks..I’ve just had to rip mine back too (sigh)and love the little pine siskin on its’ pencil perch!

  4. I’m really enjoying this random fact meme going around. I’m glad that Hannah will be going to a new home. I hope she’ll be happy there. Your knee sock look fantastic!

  5. I’ve been lurking for some time. No idea how I found you, it had something to do with Alaska. That’s pretty far from Oklahoma and quite exotic for a prairie person *G*.Like Peggy, I’m quite interested in that thingy holding your needles. Did you make it or purchase it.Glad the bird made it and glad that you’ve found a good home for the kitty.

  6. Maybe you could stow some yarn in the spare tire compartment? Course, that may not be wise if you are taking the spare out but you could just cram some around it. Don’t know when you’ll hit Maine but I suspect not soon enough to make Fiber Frolic on June 9 and 10. Happy trails and knit lots. I spent a whole summer in a camper with kids, dogs, birds, cats, and hubster – we all survived – though I still twitch involuntarily when it comes up in conversation.

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