Waiting Time

Thanks for all the well wishes. As a note to those who felt I was handling the early arrival of the movers with amazing calm, keep in mind that I was writing at the end of the day. That was pure exhaustion you were picking up on. Prior to that there was an abundance of running around aimlessly, waving my arms and screaming. I believe my words to Andy were something like, “You know how the other day I was lamenting the lack of adrenaline rushes in my life? Yeah, this is not what I meant…” But everything ended up fine, all our things are packed and presumably on the way to the east coast. Now we are in a different phase.

This is The Waiting Time. The empty house, the long days (of course the weather is being almost rotten most of the time, so my plans of spending hours at the park have been shot down…), the re-packing and house-inspection cleaning that I don’t want to do… I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to spend some time with my friends here in town, and that has been getting me through. I don’t want to leave yet, but I’ll be durned if I can spend much more time in this big empty house!!!
Anyway, I finished the Marrakech knee socks. They’re my own design, a “knit-3, purl-1” rib, toe-up using hints from various sources, and knit “as it goes” for the calf increases. They worked out well, and fit nicely; I wore them out last night and there was minimal falling down (Of the socks. I didn’t fall down at all.) Here are some photos for you (note the room empty of all but my knitting bags…)
Ah yes, here is how I managed to get such a photo…

Oh, and I took a couple photos of my last-minute dyeing session last Monday. I really like the results; they’re destined for the Etsy-shop-to-be, either as roving or handspun, so you’ll be seeing them again…

And here is what I’ve been working on this week. It’s my first summer sock, in Panda Cotton, which is a blend of cotton, bamboo, and nylon elastic. So far I really like the yarn. It’s a bit splitty, but knits up with nice definition and stretch (I’m using 2.0 or US size 0 needles) and is very cool and smooth feeling.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Things are sure to get more interesting as we get on the road. I hope to post along the way, particularly since we have some interesting stops along our route (Deadwood, South Dakota, for one!)

Stay tuned for the Travelling Wool Room…


18 thoughts on “Waiting Time

  1. I think I said this before, I HATE moving. Particularly the last minute packing, it usually ends up being the last minute “just throw the dang stuff in the box.” And even if you are happy and excited about the move the emotions of leaving friends, family, house, or garden behind is rough. The knee socks look great. Glad to hear neither of you fell. I really like the new socks as well. Whay is the yarn and just for info how many did you cast on? Are you are Deadwood lover? My family love it and keep telling me I need to get the series and watch it. I have some funnies about that but I won’t post them for all the world to see. 🙂 Godspeed with your trip.

  2. Great looking knee socks! I have a skein of that yarn in the stash, and now I may have to move it up in the queue.Best of luck with the move! (And I thought my last move was a long one…)

  3. Wow you are done with the knee socks – impressive — on the falling down front — google sock glue – Japanese school girls use it to hold up knee socks – if you get to Anchorage before you leave maybe New Sagawa (I know I have that spelled wrong) would have it. You will LOVE archery – Last year our friends daughter and friend drove from Eagle River to Amhurst Mass in a pick-up camping most of the way -college is the perfect time for that – after college we have too much to cart and need a camper – for softer bed and where would we keep our yarn.

  4. Hi, hope the rest of the move goes well. I have a sweater that is made of silk and bamboo. I though I was going crazy when I was checking the label to see if I could put it in the washing machine… It is really nice and soft. I’m sure with cotton it will be good too. I have a shawl made out of pineapple, maybe that can be your met thing.

  5. Hope you are well on the way by now! It should be an awesome journey and that the weather is kind to you! How many miles to the sock are you doing?

  6. OMG! I can’t believe they showed up early! I would have died! I had movers pack me once. I had left a sandwich on the kitchen counter to eat before I left. They wrapped and packed it!!!

  7. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet up with you before you left. But I DID get a chance to meet your movers. (Nighttime cabbies see ALL!) They actually drove that truck cab around a few nights to various bars; it was hilarious! One guy drank, (the smaller one) but not too much. And the stockier guy had soda and was the DD. In the moving van cab. Gotta love the sound of a diesel rumbling up outside a bar.They were quite nice and very entertaining. Hope you got to witness their schtick. They were charming. That’s what I look for in movers anyway. But nobody ever accused me of being practical.I’m sure thay did a good job in the end. Best of luck with everything!

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