Working on the nest

I debated for awhile about whether I should include the house renovating progress on my knitting blog, and finally decided in favor of it, because without such updates you would hear from me only rarely. The house we’ve bought is beautifully laid out and huge, and the previous owners did a lot of hard work making it structurally sound. Their taste in finishing (paint, trim, flooring) leaves much to be desired, in my opinon. However, we knew this coming in, and look forward to the work.

The girls’ room is the largest of the four rooms upstairs, and it was our first project to tackle while they were visiting with their grandparents. Here is a photo Andy took when he first came to look at the house:

Lovely color, no? And the dark grey trim and bookcase really brighten it up. There was also a free-styled closet (using the term “closet” loosely) built in the corner where it blocked all the sunlight from the one (large) window. It was so sturdy that Andy and I were able to take it down using only our hands, feet, and a pry bar…

Here is the same room now. A breath of fresh air, and much more suited to little girls.

We did all the work ourselves; well, Andy did most of the cutting and designing, since I’m a novice at woodworking — please allow me to brag for him on his very successful first attempt at crown molding! — but I did a lot of painting and learned how to use a sander and nail gun. I’ve got a pretty good idea how to use the other power tools now too, and have plenty of time to work on my budding skills. We’re having a pretty carpet put in this room next week, and the ceiling will need some work later on, but the girls were thrilled with it.

The next room in queue is my new Wool Room. It’s large and sunny, and I’m so excited I can hardly wait to get it finished!

Um, yes. That paint job. Would you like to see it closer?
We’ve decided it looks like someone ate pea soup until they exploded, splattering soup and blood all over the walls. It really is that bad, and it’s even worse when you’re a nose-length away sanding the wall… We added a chair rail that mimics the one downstairs in the kitchen to help hide some of the worst lumps and bumps in the drywall, filled holes and sanded, and here is how it stands tonight, after some priming.
Ah, so much better. I’m planning to paint the trim white, and the walls light green.

Apple Blossoms are so much nicer than Pea-Soup Explosion, don’t you think?

So yup, that’s why there hasn’t been too much knitting lately. Need more excuses? Here’s a photo of the highway we were on for a couple days at the beginning of our trip, through the Yukon Territory.

Yes, that is indeed gravel. Bumpy and narrow, it doesn’t lend itself well to sock knitting. It’s amazingly raw and beautiful though, and reminds you that you’re driving in the middle of the wilderness. I did finish the Panda Cotton sock I was working on before we left Alaska, and I knitted a hat from various handspun using a baby hat pattern (on bigger needles to make is Squirrel-Girl sized, which of course means I have to make a second one as well.)

I’ll distract you with more photos from the trip. I got a good close look at some sheep in the midwest.
(They were wondering why the crazy man was making goat noises while the crazy lady with him snapped their photo…)

And some forget-me-nots (the state flower of Alaska) for all of you who sent me good thoughts on the trip. (Thanks!)

Now it’s bedtime for the sleepy Loribird – after I’ve washed the day’s paint and sawdust out of my hair. More tomorrow or the next day…

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13 thoughts on “Working on the nest

  1. Good job with the house. I wish I could do some painting in my place, but we live in military housing and even though we can paint, the DH isn’t up for it. So plain white walls for us. 😦

  2. Isn’t it amazing what a change in paint color can do to a room? The girls’ room looks beautiful with the bead board! I want to do that in my dining room, but I think we’ll probably just paint it the way it is since we’re hoping to move soon. The apple blossom is a beautiful color, and will look great with the white trim! Great job!!

  3. I love what you’re doing with the rooms. It’s good that you were able to visualize what could be.Pea Soup! I LMAO on that one.Ms. Hannah is so pretty. And you at Mount Rushmore in your Rusted Root. That’s a mouth full. Nice job on the sweater. Do I have to add it to my “list”?I was only away for 4 days but still dread having to go thru the e-mails. Take your time and don’t stress over it.

  4. I love seeing the transformation your house is going through. The room for the girls looks just gorgeous now. I can’t wait to see how the apple blossom paint looks on the walls!

  5. The house is looking great!!!! If we stay in this house we have a lot of renovating to do as well. One of the upstairs bedrooms and the bath up there looks like pumpkin puck. Yeah, not very appealing.

  6. Yes, keep posting house updates. Especially when you’re making such dramatic changes. And what were they thinking on the pea soup room? That really was hideous.

  7. I am amazed that anyone would paint a room with pea soup, but then, there are people who like brown. Your choices are quite tasteful! I hope you enjoy the house now that you can actually look at the walls without wincing.

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