Finally! Real Knitting Content!

Even I was starting to wonder if I’d ever knit again. It seems so long since I had a actual “project in progress” – sure, there are plenty of things lingering on the needles, but I’m not kidding anybody, I haven’t been working on them. I joined Sockapalooza 4, but was having trouble finding the right pattern, couldn’t decide on yarn. I thought maybe I would be inspired during the trip, but managed to keep too busy to do much about it. I wanted my pal’s socks to be special, a touch fancy perhaps. “You’ll have plenty of time,” Andy kept saying, “You can knock out a pair of socks in less than a week, I’d bet.”

So I finally decided on a pattern; after seeing so many beautiful versions of Loksins! I just had to make a pair. The yarn was a natural choice after that, Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra in Heathered Loganberry. (Ok, so having a very limited stash at the moment made it easier to decide…)

I do believe it’s a match made in yarn-heaven… I cast on less than two days ago, and here is my progress as of this evening.

front view

side view

I absolutely love this pattern! The repeats are easy to memorize (they make sense!) and yet interesting the whole way through. It is a rare thing for me to be looking forward to the second sock – and, apparently, the second pair, since Andy has requested a pair of Loksins for himself (Hooray for man-lace!)

I must say that I might have the first sock completed by now if it weren’t for a little website called Ravelry… (yes, I’m Loribird over there too, pop over and say hi!) I’ve never been so addicted to the web in my life. If you’re on the waiting list, be patient, it’s totally worth it; if you aren’t on the sign-up list yet, what are you waiting for???

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7 thoughts on “Finally! Real Knitting Content!

  1. Hooray for purple Loksins! Yours are looking fantastic. (My husband recently asked for man lace socks too. There must be something in the air.)

  2. Wow, those socks are awesome. Yep, I gotta have some. I was one of Ravelry’s beta members. I’m sad to say I haven’t done anything with it. Gotta get that going. I need another addiction.

  3. I was already planning a pair of Loksins, I just hadn’t decided on a colour. But I realise now that THEY MUST BE PURPLE!!! And a very beautiful eggplanty purple if at all possible.Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 😀

  4. I love how those socks are coming out. Just gorgeous! I’m really loving the purples these days. I’m patiently waiting for my Ravelry invite. I know it will be worth and that I’ll be spending the majority of my time there once I do get in. In the meantime I’m trying to get as much knitting done before that happens!

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