The Needle and the Damage Done (or Why I Don’t Crochet)

Alright, I was debating whether to post about this one, because it’s a bit embarrassing. But I’ve decided to share anyway, since it’s no secret I’m an utter klutz.

I’ve had my first fiber-related injury.

I was knitting along on the last 10 rows of Clue 3 of the Mystery Stole late the other night (because that’s the only time I find enough focus to work on it – which would explain why I’m “behind,” but anyway.) I’d just reached a beaded row, grabbed up my minuscule crochet hook, (0.75 mm, to be precise,) tucked it chopstick-style under my right thumb, so as to have it ready. Something happened, the knitting needle tip started to slip from the end of the row or something, so I grabbed for it – dropping the crochet hook end-down onto the tabletop and jamming the meaty part of my palm right onto the tip.
What are the chances of that happening twice?
Yes, there was a yelp, and yes, it stuck in there far enough for me to regard it for a moment before jerking it back out.
And yes, there was blood and “guts,” though not nearly so much as you might expect. The “entry hole” was really not very impressive at the time, and now has healed almost entirely.

But, man! That hurt!
So no, I won’t be taking up crocheting as a regular practice anytime soon. Those hooked ends can be dangerous…

In other news, it’s durn hot here in Maine.

That thermometer was in the shade, and it was before noon. At five, the bank thermometer read 93. Ugh. I was raised in the south, but I’m acclimated to Alaska; I haven’t seen much above 65 degrees for the past few years – help, I’m melting!

So, it being too hot to handle wool, I worked on the cotton baby sweater I started several months ago.
I finished knitting last night, sewed on the buttons and wove in the ends today.

Pattern: EZ’s February Sweater from Knitter’s Almanac
Yarn: Rowan “Nice” – 100% mercerized cotton
3.25mm (US3) circular and double-point needles

I usually see this sweater knit up in wool yarn, as Elizabeth suggests. The cotton works well too, though it did seem to grow significantly during blocking. A good pattern too, though I prefer the cleverness of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Speaking of clever patterns, I couldn’t resist; I cast on another pair of these, though I’ve only finished one so far.

This pair is more leftover yarn, this time some Cherry Tree Hill Silk Merino DK, in a colorway I believe is called “Northern Lights.” I bought it over three years ago, so I’m not sure anymore.

For the record, the plethora of baby-knits is NOT an indication that we’re expecting. They’re just little (read: not hot) and insanely cute (irresistible) and it seems like every time I turn around someone is about to have or has just had a baby, so I am stocking up on some presents.

I have managed a little spinning since getting my wheel back.

Two bobbins of singles, my own hand-dyed superwash merino. The third bobbin is in the (slow) process of being filled, and I hope to have some new 3-ply sock yarn to show you soon…

All for now. The library called this afternoon to tell me my reserved book was in – I was there in a flash, and I’m vanishing to the land of Deathly Hallows


12 thoughts on “The Needle and the Damage Done (or Why I Don’t Crochet)

  1. don’t feel bad about the hook incident! i’ve had numerous injuries due to clutziness with knitting needles *and* hooks. too many to be honest. šŸ™‚

  2. My children won’t even let me use a kitchen knife. I too am very accident prone. Your knitting is so cute. I think it is hotter up there than it is here in KY. Your spinning looks awesome. What will the finished weight of the sock yarn be?

  3. Who knew it got so HOT in Maine? Whoosh!Adorable baby booties. Sometimes a small knit is so much fun.And, OUCH! The price you pay for the beauty of the MS3. Don’t run with scissors, either. šŸ™‚

  4. Well, I’ll one-up-ya with a crochet injury… I was using a 2 mm hook (so NOT small) and I had the horrible habit of holding it in my mouth when I was not using it. Not sideways, but with the hook point in my mouth. One day my mom asked something and when I replied, I bit on the hook cos it was falling out of my mouth… Let’s say I had a tongue piercing before it was fashionable to have one and my mom nearly fainted when I walked up to her and asked her to remove it hehehe.Cheers Eva

  5. Ouch! That really must have hurt. I tell you, that crochet is a devious bugger.Luckily you have all that cuteness to make you feel better. I just love those booties in variegated yarn.

  6. I guess I’m slow. I just figured out why every time to check out your blog for a new post Neil Young keeps popping into my head. Like I said, I am sllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  7. Hi amazing knitter person we used to see each weekend…It is fun to see what you are doing… how do you do everything and still have time to go to the computer! Well, you are truly inspiring Loribird. it is fun to hear your voice again! I miss you. So do the darlingk bootiecuties stay on good? You know how they kick them off…I must make a pair too. Love, AK knitknit guess who!!

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