We now return to our randomly scheduled blogging…

Forgive me knitblog readers, it has been over a week since my last post…
Sorry about the blog hiatus! It was purely unintentional… Here’s some of what I’ve been up to lately:

I started the second of “Avo’s Mittens” from Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia.

They’re meant to be men’s size, but I won’t know for sure who they will belong to until they are finished and blocked – I’m trying to stock up on the holiday gifting well in advance this year…

Here is the progress on Andy’s next pair of socks, they’re the Gentleman’s Stocking in Ringwood Pattern, from Knitting Vintage Socks, done in Sockotta yarn. The yarn is a cotton/wool blend, which I am a little less enthusiastic about that pure wool. But Andy likes the socks, and I had it in stash, so…

Oh yes, I broke down and got myself a pair of sock blockers, which make me very happy, though they are hardly necessary for blocking socks. How could I resist, though? They have moose cut-outs in the leg!

I started a new project as well, the Minimalist Cardigan from the latest Interweave Knits. I’m knitting with Beaverslide merino/mohair blend, in the colorway “Lichen Frost,” and I’m so in love with this yarn I may just make it thorough the interminable moss-stitch without tearing my hair out.

I say “started,” but I’m not very far yet. I did do an actual gauge swatch, however, which is a rare occurrence for me. I’m very glad I did too, because the washed swatch ended up with a larger stitch gauge than the pattern calls for. It works to my advantage, because following the smallest size pattern instructions with my larger gauge gives me the exact measurement I need for the sweater!

The yarns I teased you with last post are my latest handspun, and there is one more skein drying on the line as I write. I am trying to get enough together to sell some at the local shop as well as open my own etsy store this fall…

Left to right we have: “Moss” colored merinos, spun from a batt by Spritely Goods (110 yards)
Nameless 3-ply sock yarn, my own dye job (370 yards)
Nameless bulky-ish BFL, another Wool Room special (150 yards)

As if that weren’t enough creativity to last for the week, I’ve been sewing as well.

I made myself two skirts. The brown is pure linen, which I cut on the bias and hemmed with some green bias-cut trim. It’s about mid-calf length, and oh, the drape on this one is fantastic.

The second skirt was made from some Etsuko fabric that I bought last spring. It’s a heavy-weight cotton, and it needed little embelishment.
Check out my new spinning buddy:

I’m a full-on arachnophobe, but this little purple lady seems to be the exception to that rule.
I even managed a zipper, and coordinating facing at the waist:

Snazzy, no?

And still I’ve been finding myself spending far too much time on Ravelry, where I’ve decided to contribute my time and writing skills by helping edit pattern pages… I had no idea how much work goes into that site until I started doing it – whew!

My best friend (since 7th grade!) is visiting the U.S. from Spain for a couple weeks, and I’m going down to the DC area to meet up with her – the girls are getting a visit with their grandma, and we’ll manage to stop by to visit my mother as well; so I’ll be gone for a little while, I’ll post if I get a chance, but otherwise I hope I have lots to share when I get back!

All for now.


15 thoughts on “We now return to our randomly scheduled blogging…

  1. I need to hit a craft store and get a Simplicity skirt pattern and whip up some little a-line numbers. I can’t find anything in the stores that are remotely what I’m looking for (except for the Anthropologie catalog.. and I’m going to have to sell a kidney to get anything there)

  2. Those mittens are gorgeous! I’m sort of on a “Fall is coming”- high and planning just about every sort of woolen accessory for me and my entire family.And the spider! I love the little guy!

  3. Wow! You’ve got a lot going on. Great “onesies” socks. 🙂 Beautiful skirts (sewing in common!).If you open an Etsy shop, I’ll be visiting!!!Are you travelling thru PA for your DC meet-up? (Like I don’t know the geography.)

  4. That’s it, I have GOT to get my butt in gear and order some Beaverslide! I have sample cards, and often take them out of my knitting basket and drool over them. I have SO many projects that I think Beaverslide would be the best for, so I must just order it!The skirts are GORGEOUS! That’s something else I have to get going on – I sewed one little dorky purse organizer and haven’t plugged the machine in again since. Must. Get. Practicing!

  5. Good Lord Woman!!!! Talk about productivity!!!! It all is so awesome. I hate gauges!!! But, will follow your lead. I am still amazed at what you completed since your last post. Your yarn is awesome.

  6. Great stuff! Love the mittens -I am drawn to that book too! The sock blockers are beyond wonderful. I spotted some on ebay but was a little put off by the cost of postage to the UK & now the seller seems to have taken a break! Have a good break.

  7. My goodness – busy is an understatement! Is the Beaverslide yarn not to just die for? I’m going to use it for the Cobblestone pullover out of IK for the DH, but I love the colorway of yours too!

  8. The skirts look GREAT! Isn’t sewing fun? I love to knit, but I love the speed of working with fabric that’s already made too :)Good luck with the kids and school.

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