No place like home

I’m back from my vacation – a whirlwind tour of the east coast, dropping in on every relative within reasonable distance. The girls had a good time, as did I. I got a surprise on my way out of town – my Sockapalooza package arrived just before I left!

My pal was Carry, who I had actually interacted with on Ravelry without ever suspecting. She made me some wonderful wool socks with a scrumptious sock yarn I’ve never used before: Sunshine Yarns, in the colorway “Amazon.” (Note to self: get some of this yarn!)

They couldn’t fit better, and I really love them. Apparently, they gave Carry a bit of trouble, particularly in the heel area, but I can’t tell.

I also received one of the special Sockapalooza sock-monkey bags made by Knitting Ewe. It’s helping me finish Andy’s socks.

Carry included the stitch counter she used for the socks (which is beautiful, silver with a butterfly bead, but which is hiding shyly in my bag somewhere…) and there was also a delicious dark-chocolate and orange truffle bar; it was gone long before I reached the CT border…
Rudy approves whole-heartedly.

I didn’t do a lot of knitting on the trip, but I did get a decent start on the Minimalist Cardigan.

A wonderfully observant Ravelry member, skrillaknits, pointed out to me that my swatch looked like seed stitch, rather than the moss stitch the pattern calls for. Indeed, it seems that my knitting suffered from my habit of starting new projects in the wee hours of the night… I didn’t read well enough! I had already started the sweater back, but ripped it back and re-knit in moss stitch, which I like better for this project. I’m knitting using Beaverslide worsted in “Lichen Frost,” and still getting a larger gauge than the pattern, but it works out for the best – knitting using the instructions for the smallest size, my piece measures 18.5″ across, giving me a 37″ sweater: the perfect size for me! (And, incidentally, a size missing from the original pattern.)

The absolute best part of the vacation? Visiting with my best friend. We spent two days in DC, relaxing and hanging out with some of her friends from college. This photo was taken at the end of a walk to Great Falls, on the hottest day of the trip. We really were melting. (Forgive me, Sara, for posting it, but it’s the best one I’ve got.)All for now.


6 thoughts on “No place like home

  1. Lovely socks and I adore that little bag. I really want to make the Minimalist Cardigan too. In fact it’s on special order for my mother. Now I just need to get into a sweater mood.

  2. Welcome back :)Your sweater looks pretty neat 🙂 It is also on my to knit list hehehe. I just need to find the yarn to make it in :)Cheers Eva

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