Just more sticks and string…

Thank you for all the complements on the shelves! I hope to spend many a happy hour in my new room.

We had a mini-adventure, of the best type, today. As the kiddos were in school all day, our 2-man canoe finally got a chance to take two adults out. We drove to a little spot Andy had found this summer, put the canoe in the water, and paddled around a bit.

You just don’t see many photos that look more “Maine” than that, do you?

We stopped to do some fishing, since that’s what Andy does. Between the two of us, there is a staggering amount of sticks and string in the house.

The fish were biting today, fast enough that I didn’t get photos of most of them. Andy caught a bunch of smallmouth bass (threw them all back) and this little guy as well, which he called a suckerfish.

Of course, I couldn’t let him have all the action…

I am a fisher-woman in training. I only caught one, and there was another that got away (“And it was this big!!!) but I am finally getting the hang of casting.

Of course, I brought some other string to amuse myself with.

There’s a new sock on the needles (no, I haven’t finished the other pair yet; the suckerfish made me to do it.)


6 thoughts on “Just more sticks and string…

  1. Pretty sock! I look forward to reading what yarn it is. What a beautiful day, great pictures of Maine. I keep starting socks myself, I’m wondering if I’m coming down with another case of Startitis.

  2. What a lovely day!!!! Beautiful scenery, fishing fun with the man you love and something you can blame your new projects on. It’s kinda funny though, if it was the fish’s fault, then why is he the one called “sucker?”

  3. We missed you on Saturday – it was fun. There are plans in the air to do more get-togethers, so hopefully you’ll be able to come some time (it is a long drive!).I love your wool room. You should keep him.

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