New yarn, knitties, and another book giveaway…

It’s funny what is “normal” in my world now. It doesn’t seem at all unusual to get up, get the girls to school, come home to grab my coffee and head upstairs to… play on my spinning wheel for a few hours?
I wonder how many people dropping off their kids this morning were thinking about handspun alpaca fiber awaiting their return.
Probably not too many.

This is indeed some handspun alpaca yarn, which started life as a roving dyed by Spunky Eclectic. Amy called the color “Mahogany,” but the the fiber lightened considerably as it became yarn, so I call it “Beachcomber.” It reminds me of the colors inside a seashell, cream and tan and purple. It’s 230 yards of fingering weight or so – I also call it “Soon to Become My Next Glove Knitting.”

This next is some pink merino I half-felted awhile back and have been fighting with working on for some time. I finally finished it (thank goodness!) Little Squirrel J is still in her PINK! phase, so it will likely become some kidlet winter-wear.

In a moment of inspiration, I plied together two ends that were left on the bobbins from other projects. It made a cute little mini-skein (about 60 yards) that will be a nice accent somewhere.

The “Gone Fishing Sock” in its current state:

The yarn everyone commented on is the leftover Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Heather (in “Loganberry;” I got mine from Simply Socks Yarn Co.) that I used for my Sockapalooza Loksins. There was hardly any left, but it’s a close match, weight-wise, to the Koigu I wanted to use for the rest of the sock. I thought the yardage on the Koigu could run short on my size-10 feet, so I played it safe with contrasting cuffs and heels (there’s not enough of the Loganberry to do the toes.)

But wait! What is that??!?! That heel!

I finally got the hang of a short-row heel, and I actually like the way this one fits. Hooray! (and apologies to any sock pals who may have struggled to accommodate my flap-heel-only preference…)
I tried Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ short-row heel method (that link is to the Dream Socks PDF) (I should add that I found Alison’s tutorial to be quite helpful.) and found it to be a bit tricksy, but alright once I got the hang of it. Not that I’ll abandon my heel-flaps entirely, but a girl likes to have options.

Speaking of short rows, I found a pattern to help me with some stash busting.

I received two balls of Patons Soy Wool Stripes (Natural Navy) from a swap pal, and finally found the perfect pattern., the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. It’s an easy knit, but fairly genius in it’s shaping. I think EZ would have liked it.

Lastly, but certainly not least, my progress on the Minimalist Cardigan is slow but steady. I’m finished with the right-front, working on the left.

I am going to sew the shoulder seams front-to-back, and then knit the neckband, k2tog-ing to attach it to the back-neck the grafting the center, rather than sewing the whole thing on later (much like the shoulders in Zimmermann’s Seamless Saddle Shoulder pattern.) I don’t hate sewing my knitting together, but I like the occasional simplification here and there. I’ll let you know how it goes (cross your needles for me…)

Finally, the part you all scrolled down for (*heehee!*): This week I’m giving away my copy of AlterKNITS.

This is a great book, really well photographed, with projects ranging from garments to jewelry to home decor. Why am I giving it away? I’ve owned it for nearly two years and not knit anything from it. This book needs a new home!

Send an email to blogcontest AT hotmail DOT com, with “Alterknits” in the subject, by midnight EST Sunday, Sept. 8, and I’ll pick a winner Monday morning.

Come on, enter the contest…

… Suckerfish says so! (See? Who can resist a suave talking fish?)


13 thoughts on “New yarn, knitties, and another book giveaway…

  1. Wow, you’ve certainly been productive recently! You’re putting us mere mortal knitters to shame. :)Congratulations on conquering the short row heel! I have yet to produce a short row heel that makes me happy, but so far I’ve only tried the wrap & turn method.

  2. I love short row heels.. they fit my weird feet better than the usual flap heel. I love my AlterKnits book though I haven’t knit anything from it either.. I like it as a source of inspiration.

  3. Beautiful socks! And I forgive you (ROFL) besides it taught me a new skill, so I really can’t complain. 🙂 (though I don’t think I’ll give up my short rows any time soon!)

  4. The beachcomber alpaca is lovely- Love alpaca… so soft. The socks look great. I haven’t done any short-row heels recently but I like how logical they are. And the contrast is always snazzy.That fish is rather alarming. But I did enter the contest!

  5. Never tried a short row heel but I will now. Thanks. Nice socks! The scarf is an interesting design & I might have the yarn to give it a try. Thank you agin for this link.

  6. That fish got me rolling on the floor! I mean, if he says “Do it!” then, darn it all, someone should! I’ve already got a copy of AlterKnits that I’m not using. LOL!Beautiful short row heel. Brava!I think you have a great idea for “after drop-off”. Your yarns are beautiful and I’ll bet you get a lot of thinking in while you’re spinning.I found out what the women around here do. They go to the bike path and don’t let the biker’s (me!) get past them.

  7. I used to do short row heels, but my instep’s pretty high, so I need the extra room created by a heelflap/gusset combination :)Your yarns are all gorgeous :)Cheers Eva

  8. I love the Multi-Directional Scarf! The colors! They’re so beautiful. And I think the pattern has just the right amount of patterning to keep it interesting, yet it’s mindless enough to be soothing.

  9. You are certainly not alone in dropping kids off for school and heading to the spinning wheel, I’m with you! I started my Kauni-esque yarn yesterday while the cable man was here and almost made it to the end of the first repeat. It’s so weird to do something and then realize your time’s not up yet…

  10. Hello Lori,Thanks for your message. I took up spinning again inspired by your handspun gloves and all those lovely soft skeins. Overdid it the first couple days and ended up with sore wrists. I have a grey romney fleece and am planning to make my first handspun socks over the next few weeks/months. I enjoy visiting your blog. cheersLucette

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