Out of the black hole

My experience the past few day has led me to the conclusion that if you ignore your knitting to spin, then come back to it and pay no attention to the knitting you’re doing while watching Women’s World Cup games (not nearly enough publicity for it, but man, there are some sweet matches going on!) you can knit your way out of the black hole that was previously obscuring your progress.

Here is my Minimalist Cardigan, fronts and backs completed, collar successfully knit onto the finished pieces and grafted. The first sleeve is at about 4 inches. The only problem is…

… it’s rolling. Rolling badly, not attractively. Rolling so it would look like I hung an unbaked baguette around my neck. Rolling so much that I can no longer delude myself into the belief that a little blocking will solve everything. Ripping is not an option, I’m just not that hardcore. I’m thinking that perhaps a sewn-in lining will do the trick after the whole thing is finished. Any other ideas? Anyone?

I can comfort myself with my socks, which are coming along nicely, and with the fiber that arrived in the mail today (Don’t look at me like that. And, no, I’m not going to blame the fish this time. It was all Aija’s fault, and her crazy “Etsy Friday” posts.) Lucky for me, the postal service delivers rain or shine, and now that I’m in Maine I only had to wait one day for some of Josette’s loveliness to reach my greedy little paws.

2 oz. silk roving, “Sea Nymphs”
4 oz. silk/merino, “Wood Elves” – this stuff practically glows!

3.6 oz. batts (from her own sheep!) dyed “Chasing Rainbows”
(by the way, if this is what having a drum carder does for you, I need one.)

Also included were these sweet little stitch markers, and a little ball of Cotswold roving (which is white, so the photograph was unimpressive, but it’s sooo soft…)

Yes, I feel much better now.
Thanks for complements on my spinning – the fiber is some South African wool that I dyed before we left Alaska, and it’s going into the “someday shop” pile (which is growing slowly – it’s kind of like picking berries: one for the bucket, one for me; one for the bucket, two for me…)
That’s all I’ve got today. Let me know if anyone has any ideas for a rolling sweater!

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9 thoughts on “Out of the black hole

  1. No answers for the sweater issue. Sorry, but man oh man that fiber is awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to see it all spun up. I have a big basket, a corner in my bedroom and the top of a wardrobe full of “someday” fiber.

  2. Would it be possible to pick up stitches around the edge and do kind of a hem? I’m not sure it would work with the knitting going in opposite directions, but there’s only one way to find out!

  3. I kinda like the idea of a sewn-in lining. You could go for a silky, sublty printed fabric? Or, maybe you could conquer your (ahem) recently acquired fear of crochet hooks and crochet a quick lace to hole that rolly part down or let it roll on back like a shawl collar?And, how is it that by the magic of your fingers my wool looks so much better? Could you come to my house and do that?

  4. I still have faith in the blocking. It’s supposed to roll a little bit, right? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope the first round of blocking is enough. 🙂

  5. Blocking is a remarkably powerful force. Definitely go with that. Then head on to the crochet option. Lining? That would be my fourth choice, behind ripping, but that’s because I’m lazy about sewing. Good luck with it, oh brave and forceful blocker!

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