That’s what pure joy looks like, in any language. Can you blame them? (Sorry, Denmark…)
(Photo taken from ESPN’s Soccernet website; it goes with the article I linked to – that’s about all the credit I can give, hope it’s okay.)

I was spindling some of the “Chasing Rainbows” roving I got in the mail yesterday, and caught one!

Had to share, it made such a cool photo. I was standing in just the right spot to catch the light from the prism hanging in the window.

The lovely and talented Peggy flattered me by nominating me for this:

How cool! Thanks so much, Peggy!
In return I have to nominate someone, and it’s very hard to pick; I would give the award to nearly every blog I read, but there is one blog in particular I have come back to time and time again for nearly two years. It’s loaded with inspiration, fantastic knitting and spinning, breath-taking photos, and good reading, not to mention a Finnish-teaching dog! I have to nominate Lene of Dances With Wool. Hers is one of the first blogs I started reading, and I do love it so. (Go on, check it out!)

Thank you for the input on the rolling issue. The jury is out until tomorrow at least, at which time I may start experimenting with some of the ideas you gave (NOT frogging though, I don’t have the heart) but so far it seems that the lady is relaxing substantially after a long soak in the bath. She’s laid out now drying, and we’ll see what gravity has to say about the now-not-quite-so-rolled fronts tomorrow…

I’m pretty happy about that.

My other news will only be strikingly evident to those who know me in person, but yes, I got a new ‘do .


All for now.


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