Socks and sweaters and dogs, oh my!

I have FINALLY finished the “Somewhat Conwy” socks that I started last May. I’m so happy to have these done, I can hardly stand it.

I mostly followed the pattern for “Conwy” from Nancy Bush’s Travelling Socks book (sorry, I’m feeling too lazy to link to the pattern today. This is my third time using it, so I didn’t really need the book anyway…) I used Crystal Palace’s “Panda Cotton,” which is a very nice yarn made up of cotton, bamboo, and some elastic – but I didn’t like it with this pattern at all. It splits rather easily, and I needed to use 2.0 mm needles (US 0) so the twisted stitches were painful to excecute. This yarn has only 170 yards per ball, so with two balls I had just enough to make a pair of socks sized 8 to 8.5 (women’s.) They shall be gifted to someone.
I’m just glad they’re done so I can start a new pair of socks!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I soaked and blocked the torso parts of the Minimalist Cardigan, which softened and fluffed the yarn and seemed to help with the rolling issue. Actually, it looked entirely solved lying docile on the floor, but I had to test it on Zoe (my stand-in). After hanging on her overnight, some of the rolling was brought back by gravity, but I think I can stand it.

Now I just have to finish the sleeves and sew ‘er up!

The Gone Fishing socks are nearly done, I did the heel last night and worked on the foot this morning.

Not for too long though, I had to play with my new favorite toy.

It’s a snowflake spindle from The Merlin Tree (acquired through Amy, she’s such an enabler.) It spins like a dream, the best spindle I’ve tried so far. I’m enjoying the mobility of spindles, now that spinning quantity and speed aren’t my only goals.

Here’s a picture of the my favorite four-legger, just for the sake of it. Is it just me, or do those eyes melt your heart too?

All for now, enjoy your weekend!


8 thoughts on “Socks and sweaters and dogs, oh my!

  1. Your knitting is beautiful, but that spindle stopped me dead in my tracks! I kind of like the slight rolling on your cardi. I don’t remember the magazine photo, but surely that’s part of the design, right?

  2. I’m so glad you finished your Conwy socks and that your cardigan’s rolling issues have resolved itself to a somewhat satisfactory conclusion. And those eyes? Oh I love those chocolate eyes.

  3. Sorry the socks were such a pain in the patooty, but they sure are beautiful. The minimalist is lovely. Such nice clean stitches and pattern. And yes, those eyes are so sweet, you just want to take that face in both hands and kiss it.

  4. What a cute dog! Such a sweet face. How much does your Snowflake Spindle weigh? It is very pretty. I appreciate the info about the Conwy Socks, they are in my “queue” to knit up with some Lorna’s Laces.

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