Drum roll, please

It’s time for the reveal of my new favorite sweater…

“Minimalist Cardigan” by Ruthie Nussbaum
Pattern in IK Fall 2007
5 skeins Beaverslide worsted (90% merino, 10% mohair)
Color: “Lichen Frost”
3.75 mm (US5) Addi Turbo needles
Knit using instructions for the smallest size,
though gauge difference yielded a 37″ sweater.

I finished sewing up the seams night before last (that was a much more pleasant experience than I’d anticipated; the last time I sewed sweater seams was two years ago, and it was horrid. I suppose I’ve learned a bit since then) and am very pleased with the finished product.
There is some definite curling at the front edges, but I think I can live with it. If not, I may try an i-cord border, a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. As it stands, the sweater wears like a tailored shrug.

I love how the Beaverslide worked up into this pattern, it’s got a touch of rustic elegance with the thicker yarn. The fabric has less drape to it, and it’s not as soft as the original yarn would be, but I’m happy wearing it over a sleeveless shirt. (I’m not too sensitive to the itchies of mohair and wool.)

All in all, I’ve extremely happy with this sweater – it’s so satisfying to make a quality garment in fibers that you love! I look forward to wearing it many times in the coming years.

My other big news is that my friend Marian is going to be coming to visit me from Alaska, and she’ll be here just in time to go to Rhinebeck with me!!!! Squeeeeeeee!!!!! (We’ll be the ones looking like deer-in-headlights… never been to a big fiber festival before.) Still working out the details, but it is looking like a plan!


17 thoughts on “Drum roll, please

  1. My first impression of the sweater…”Oh Wow!”. You did a great job and a little roll never hurt anyone.Let me know, when you know, which day you’ll be at Rhinebeck. I’m going on Saturday!

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