Common Ground

I apologize for the lack of posting, my internet has been sporadic the past few days. Thank you for the complements on the Minimalist Cardigan, I really do love it, particularly in the Beaverslide yarn.

This past weekend, the girls and I drove out to Unity, Maine to attend the Common Ground Fair. It was a blast; much larger than I’d expected, we could have spend two full days there. There were loads of animals to peer at and pet, fantastic food, live music, and local crafts. I had hopes of finding some fiber, and I was not disappointed.

From left to right, 4 ounces of wool-angora batts, 10 ounces of carded roving from Purple Fleece, and finally 6 ounces of wool-alpaca-silk batts from Enchanted Knoll… which means that I got to meet Farm-Witch herself! It was my first taste of meeting a fellow knit-blogger who I have corresponded with; though we both came away apologizing for babbling and awkwardness, it was so much fun to meet in person, wonderful to put a face to the name and to meet her family! I do believe we’ll be seeing each other again 🙂

The girls were magnificently patient with their fiber-obsessed mother, especially when I found myself in the fleece tent, absolutely overwhelmed by the lanolin fumes and the hundreds of pounds of beautiful wool… I didn’t purchase one this time, but I got a good idea of what I will be looking for in the future. I also got to watch the infamous Wednesday Spinners, along with plenty of other spinners working at their booths. I was very happy to get visual confirmation that, although self-taught, I spin pretty much like everyone else. *Whew!*

The favorite part of the day for the kiddos? The Hay Jump in the Children’s Section.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I got some spinning done during my blog-silence.

This is the August offering from Hello Yarn’s fiber club, a beautifully hand-dyed Wensleydale roving. Wensleydale, as I found, is very long stapled wool, and spins differently from the merinos I’m most used to, needing less twist and longer drafting. Quite pleasant once I got the hang of it; I ended up with 180 yards of two-ply DK weight.

Here is the progress on the Leftovers Chevron Scarf. The contrast yarn has shifted to some scraps of the red Koigu I used for the Gone Fishing socks, and it works very differently with the Rare Gems than the G-Rocks did, a cooler color palette.

I’ve finally found the “right” pattern for the Wooly Wonka Superwash BFL sock yarn I had in my stash. It’s beautifully dyed, but there is a near-striping pattern that interfered with the first couple patterns I tried.

When in doubt, knit Monkeys!

All for now.


14 thoughts on “Common Ground

  1. Wow, I’m loving the scarf and drooling over your fiber acquisitions! Great photos of the Flying Squirrel Girls too. It’s amazing how well Monkey works with all kinds of yarns.

  2. What beautiful spinning purchases! I appreciate your Wensleydale spinning anaylsis as I have some in my stash, thank you for reminding me. Your Leftovers Chevron scarf is stunning! I love how the colors work together so nicely. The hay jump looks like lots of fun, I bet some older “kids” might have enjoyed it, too.

  3. Hi Loribird, thank you so much for the encouraging comment you left on my blog. Your recommendations are much appreciated!Your socks are inspiring and your Wensleydale yarn is lovely. (I love Wensleydale.)

  4. Lovely – looks like a lot of fun and I hope you got to meet my buddy, Kim of The Woolen Rabbit too!When you are finished with the Monkeys, can I snag a picture for the customer FO page on the website, pwease? I really like how the yarn is knitting up in the Monkeys!

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