Autumn is definitely in the air – there is a chill to the mornings and evenings that requires wool socks, and the trees are really starting to show their colors.

(This is the tree outside my Wool Room window, you can probably expect to see quite a few photos of it in the coming months…)
In the spirit of the season, we’ve been making some changes around here too.

We changed this…

… into this:

This is the new “library,” the smallest of the rooms upstairs, and the most difficult renovation we’ve done so far.

Seriously, scroll back up to that top photo.
Yes, that is splattered paint, in various colors, all over the walls. If you or anyone you know should ever consider doing that sort of a paint job in a perfectly good room (heck, it would be hideous even in a terrible room!) do the world a favor and don’t even start.
The paint was flung directly on top of the sheetrock too, so sanding only tore the drywall paper off. Instead of priming, sanding, then priming and painting again, we opted for wallpaper as a last resort. Despite my initial prejudice against wallpaper, I am quite pleased with the result. The shelving was built in by my very talented spouse, and provides a great computer-center for the girls.

The best part of the room, however, is Andy’s hobby.

You want to take a closer look?

It’s a smallish saltwater aquarium, which I’m finding are a lot more work than fresh-water but really quite interesting. So far we have a Tomato Clown fish (and his anemone) and a Panther Grouper, both of which are active fish with a lot of “personality.” There are also an immense number of little critters living in and on the rocks there. It makes for better viewing than a television.

Additionally, I’ve been really busy changing this (well, some of this…)

… into this:

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much fiber is in that second photo? Seriously, leave a comment with your guess and tomorrow I’ll tell you the answer and send a skein of the newly dyed sock yarn to the estimate closest to the real weight. (In the case of a tie, I’ll randomly pick a winner from the closest answers.)
Hints: Pictured is the batch from one day of dyeing. It is enough that my back was sore after working on it, and I am certain now that I need a skeinwinder… (and, as you may have guessed, I am just this far away from finally getting the Etsy shop up and running… hopefully by this weekend! squeeeee! So maybe I can buy that skeinwinder.)

Overachiever that I am, I’ve been plugging away at the BFL Monkey socks. Just past the heel and working on the final approach on the foot.

All for now, I still have yarn to skein up!

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21 thoughts on “Transformations

  1. I’m going to guess about 4 lbs of fiber. You have been very busy! Fall has arrived here, too. It’s chilly in the morning, windy and unsettled during the day. Hopefully it will be a long fall.

  2. I am so bad at guessing but I’ll do it anyway ;). 7lbs 4 oz (go ahead and laugh at my guess, I’m sure I’m way off, hehe).I love how the new room looks! and the monkey sock is adorable!

  3. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over your great faux finish until I read it was wallpaper. Fantastic! It would convert anyone to the beauty of wallpaper.You’re going to love watching that clownfish and anemone. Soooo relaxing and fascinating.I don’t know how much yarn there is but I’m going to be waiting at the “door” to your etsy shop!

  4. Another thing we have in common! 😉 My sweetie is a fish freak too… LOLOk, you’ve tempted me into guessing, though I’m awful at guessing size/weight OR age! ;)Put my guess at 7lbs 23oz… :)FABULOUS job on the room…makes me drool…

  5. What a great job you all did on the room! I love that aquarium. It looks so tranquil.I’m going to guess 5lbs of fiber just for the heck of it. I’m probably wrong but that’s okay, at least I got my bid in.

  6. Wow, that room–it looks like someone wanted to keep the kids occupied for an afternoon. Yikes.Lovely dyeing! I’ll guess 4.5 pounds. Can’t wait to see the Etsy shop…

  7. I’ll guess 4.75 pounds, which is more than enough to make me start drooling with envy even if they colours weren’t so dang pretty!(Dropped by from cosyknits’ friends page on Ravelry, by the way.)

  8. I’m going to guess 4 kilos. That was hard because I tend to think of batts in ounces and yarn in grams! Anyway, it all looks lovely. The library transformation is gorgeous! enjoy your new room!

  9. Geez, it looks like someone murdered a clown in that top picture! Hideous – and what a beautiful transformation! Can I borrow your hubby to build me some shelves like that? And the fishtank? Gorgeous! I’d love a nice saltwater tank like that – we have a 29-gallon tank sitting downstairs empty, just waiting until we move and can find a nice spot away from windows (we had LOTS of problems with algae because the only place we could put it was near windows).I would guess 3.5 pounds of fiber, and I’m looking forward to the opening of your shop!

  10. I’m guess 5 lbs of fiber, all of it is gorgeous!!! It’s like your own little hand-dyed yarn store. Your Monkey sock is a wonderful blend of pattern and color.

  11. Those are all superbly gorgeous… I’m going to guess 9 pounds total… as I have no clue how many ounces go into the pound or how many kilos it all is, I’m just picking a random number hehehe.Cheers Eva

  12. Okay, I’ll throw in here. How about 5.06 lbs. They are gorgeous, each and every one of them. And when you move back to Alaska you can help me become a much better spinner (but only if you want!).

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