Silent, but steady.

I’m going to quit apologizing for my lack of blogging – it seems to be the thing that is never crossed off my to-do list each day. Between the things I can’t control (internet blinking out, no light for good photos) and the things I can (well, I’d rather be knitting than writing about it) the blog has taken a backseat. I know you understand.

I’ve made significant progress on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan; in fact, I’m ready to knit the sleeves so I can join and do the yoke – which should be the fun bit.

I’ve also finished the chevron scarf made with sock yarn, which I dubbed “Riot of Color.”

The pattern is a version of the Chevron Scarf found on Domesticat’s blog, though I made mine wider.

I had a full skein of Socks that Rock “Rare Gems” (a purple and turquoise colorway) that was pooling badly as socks, so I used that as my “base yarn,” alternating it every two rows with a selection from my leftover sock yarns.

All in all, there are 6 different colorways in there, and three different kinds of sock yarn (The STR, two kinds of Koigu, and three colors of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock.) I really like the finished scarf.

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13 thoughts on “Silent, but steady.

  1. Knit on! I love the Chevron scarf! I may have to try that pattern. Thanks for the link.My lack of blogging has been abundance of birthdays, guests, and sick kids. Sigh…no knitting or spinning.

  2. What a beautiful way to use up sock yarn! I thought it was all Koigu and then read there were many more yarns involved and your clever combining technique created a gorgeous scarf.

  3. Don’t apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way.I love the way your scarf came out. Great idea to use 1 main colorway and then alternate. Very pretty!Have a great weekend!

  4. What a beautiful arrangement of color in your scarf!!I’m almost ready to cast on the sleeves of my Tangled Yoke (about 10 more rows to go on the body and I messed up on the increases/decreases so I hope it fits) I really like the color of your felted tweed!

  5. Oh wow, that scarf is the best use of sock leftovers ever. I am going to have to remember that. And I am just plain jealous of the time that went into the cardigan…

  6. Wow! Your scarf is amazing! If you hadn’t revealed the variety of yarns used I’d never have been able to tell. They meld together so well. Wear it in good health. =-D

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