Color Full

The trees are showing their colors, in true New England style, and it really is breathtaking. Not far from my house is a little spot that enchants me.

‘Round a picturesque bend in the road is a lake.

The combination of blue sky over blue water, with brilliant splashes of rust and golden foliage between, deserves a stop.

Even the local wildlife seems to take time to enjoy the view.

And the drive home is not without its highlights.

It all leaves me feeling quite inspired (pun unintentional.)

Autumn Rose, anyone?


12 thoughts on “Color Full

  1. Ooh, lovely photos! Autumn is my favorite season, and now that I live in a place that doesn’t really have autumn, I must live vicariously through others.Can’t wait to see your Autumn Rose! That pattern is on my “someday” list.

  2. Look at all those reds and oranges, mixing with the greens! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful spot. We are now into the whites. Enjoy the fall for me, too.

  3. Those pictures are fantastic. You’ve captured a bit of the beauty Maine has to offer. I love the Chevron scarf – it shows off the colors of the yarn so nicely.

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