Knitter’s Tea Swap

Ive been so busy that I’m not sure that I mentioned, but I participated in the most recent Knitter’s Tea Swap. I received my package a couple days ago.

My swap pal was Macarena from Chicago, and she did a fantastic job!

She sent some gorgeous superwash roving (expertly dyed in my favorite color combination by her friend Lisa) along with some chunky handspun yarn (I believe it’s Corriedale?) made locally by Vera Videnovich. The sheep that grew the wool is one of the fellows pictured on the card.

There is still some of the best popcorn ever left in that bag; it’s a mix of cheddar and caramel, and it’s so delicious toasted just a smidge in the oven… (as she suggested). Macarena also sent a tea ball with the cutest little ceramic teacup attached, and of course, the tea: two bags of loose Stash tea, one pomegranate-raspberry green tea, and the other blueberry black tea. Sooooo yummy…

Thank you so much Macarena! I hope you like your package as well!


4 thoughts on “Knitter’s Tea Swap

  1. That picture made me hungry. Lisa’s page is Carpool on my blog. She’ll be happy to hear you liked her color combo. The chunky isn’t died at all. Vera left it au naturale. It was so much fun putting the box together and chatting with you!

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