Last minute Socktober entries

Well. It was so nice to have company that I ignored the blog. Don’t be jealous, I’d do the same if YOU were here visiting too!
We did some touristy stuff (gift shops and the like) and the weather was nice enough to spend a little time outdoors. Mostly is was hang-out time, with lots of knitting 🙂

I finished two pairs of socks, just in time for the end of Socktober.

“Clog Socks” for wearing with the Danskos
Knitpicks Essential in “Tuscon”
My basic 64 stitch sock, on US 0 (2.0mm) dpns.
Monkey socks, by Cookie A.
Yarn by Wooly Wonka Fibers,
Superwash Blue-faced Leicester in “Wasatch”

Really, this pattern is addicting, and it works so well with so many types of yarn. I particularly love Anne’s BFL sock yarn – it’s got a really nice hand to it and just a teensy bit of shine. Not to mention the great dye job 😉

I got tons of work done on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan too, I’m just starting the cable around the shoulders.

Once I’m done with that, It’s all garter-stitch button-bands, and then… swatching for Autumn Rose! The Autumn Rose sweater is one I’ve admired since I first saw it on Eunny’s blog ages ago. It’s going to be a challenge for me, since the only stranded knitting I’ve done so far is mittens and a hat, but I feel up to it; and hey, if you don’t start, you’ll never learn. I figure that if I take it one round at a time… Amazingly enough, it’s not the steeking that scares me the most, it’s the corrugated ribbing.

I also finished a bit of holiday gift knitting for a particularly snoopy person in my life. He checks out the blog regularly, so I can’t post here if I want it to remain a surprise… (Yes, Andy, I mean you. Now shoo! And don’t go digging in my wool room either, you won’t find it.) I think it really came out great, so any knitterly folk that are on Ravelry can check it out on my page. I’ll post a shot on the blog after it’s been given.

All for now!


8 thoughts on “Last minute Socktober entries

  1. (stomps and pouts)I can’t help it…jealousy is in my nature…Maybe envy, too? I was going to make the tangled cardigan for thing 1 but chickened out and am making something a little less ‘pull your hair out’. That’s good since I’m often told my hair is one of my best features!

  2. Wow! Yes! Now I want a picture of them thar socks for my very own. I’d even take the socks themselves, if I thought you’d loan them to me permanently. 🙂

  3. I was getting somewhat worried about you but then I remember you had a friend coming to visit. I have heard so many good things about Monkey socks, I gotta get those going. Your knitting looks awesome as usual.

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