Trick or treat!

The costumes are hanging up, ready to transform two small people when they return from school. The bucket of candy is by the door, and the jack-o-lanterns are all ready to be put out to greet any visitors we may have tonight.

We carved them while Marian was here, so hers are the group of three on the right. Mine is in the middle, Little Bird S did the one with the stem nose, and Little Bird J did the one on the far left, and also the one a step down with her class at school. (The two bunnies are coin banks; when I noticed them in the photo, I had to turn them so they look like innocent, though appalled, bystanders. Bwahhha-ha-ha!)

I gave myself a little treat this morning. I still have some knitting left on Tangled Yoke, but I did finish the cable pattern (it took me two nights! Longest cable ever!) so I let myself swatch.

I’m so excited about this pattern I can hardly stand it. I love everything, the colors, the stranded pattern, the shape… So nice to look forward to a project that will stretch the brain-muscle a bit – I know that when I’ve finished it, I will be a much better knitter.

Happy Halloween!

10 thoughts on “Trick or treat!

  1. You have a lovely home! My goodness! And your pumpkins look fabulous, poor little bunny banks.What is the swatch for? It is incredible. Yes, I would be stretching my brain muscle to work this. Keep us posted.

  2. The pumpkins are fantastic, love the evil cannibalistic one. Autumn Rose is going to be lovely if it comes out anything like your swatch. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Oh, that swatch is beautiful. I so want to obtain this book (mostly so I can drool over the sweater more efficiently). It would take a while to build my resolve to actually knit the sweater. And those pumpkins are the best! Happy Halloween!

  4. What intricate pumpkins, the should be in a contest. I tinkered with a little fair isle last night and quite enjoyed looking at your Autumn Rose swatch. I look forward to seeing more.

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