Sweater and socks and more, oh my!

Edited to add: What’s up with the loss of photos? No idea, but I’ve put them back. Thanks for letting me know!

After much procrastinating, I’ve finally finished the yoke above the cables on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

After the excitement of a 230+ stitch repeating cable pattern, the plain stockinette was hard to get into, but it went very quickly once I sat down to it.
Then there were the button bands. Did I mention I’ve never done them before? No? Well, it slipped my mind when I was starting the pattern too. They turned out to be fairly painless, though I did pick up 12 less stitches than the pattern asked me to. (Ooo, I’m a rebel!)

So now I’m impatiently waiting for it to dry completely, so I can sew on the buttons and play with the timer on my camera, trying to get a modeled shot for you.

Still waiting.

And still waiting.


It’s funny, all of a sudden I’ve realized that the holidays are approaching without any heed whatsoever to the other things I have going on in my life, and that I owe quite a few people quite a few knitted gifts. This year I was smart enough to start early, and I have some things stashed away, but I still feel a sense of urgency. I’ve got nothing in-progress on the needles (*gasp!*), which was planned in preparation for beginning My Precious (aka the Autumn Rose Pullover) but I feel guilty when I have so much else to work on. Help me: justify it as a good “side” project, or talk me into postponing until the end of the holidays… So far, I’m postponing, but the yarn is just calling to me from its bag…

While I was procrastinating on the Tangled Yoke, I knit a pair of socks. Don’t scream “You crazy fast knitter!” at me; they’re Squirrel Girl socks, size children’s 12, plain stockinette on 52 stitches.

My girls love their handknit socks, and they’re fantastic about showing them off to everyone they can (Relatives. Teachers at school. Parents of their friends. The lady in the checkout at the grocery.”Hey! Look at my socks! Did you know, my momma made them for me?!”) so they definitely deserve some more.
It helps that I can use some of the leftovers from my sock-yarn dyeing extravaganza a few weeks ago. 50 g. of sock yarn still makes a pair, so I can use the photos to show off the yarn knitted up at my Etsy store. Soon they’ll have pairs in all the colorways… The pair above is knit with “Glass Jewels.”

Speaking of the Etsy store, I’m putting up some new items this afternoon. This one’s for all you spinners out there, rovings in various fibers and colors. A preview:

I feel like such a tease – head on over, they should be listed by 2 pm EST. Uploadia, goddess of The Internets, has smiled upon me and made my shop update go smoothly. That is to say, it’s up, have at it!

Stay tuned for photos of the finished Tangled Yoke, hopefully tomorrow. (Cross your fingers for good weather for me!)

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12 thoughts on “Sweater and socks and more, oh my!

  1. I have not called this way for a few weeks, so these are some random comments about the last few posts! Wow! The socks are fantastic & I love your moose sock blockers. I have found them on ebay but they are quite pricy to post to the UK (even if I don’t get caught for post office handing customs charge things!). Still the day may well come when I fail to resist temptation! The fall colours are also stunning -they would make a great pair of socks! Your recents knit sound good but the photos don’t seem to show though. Shame!

  2. Beautiful sweater and gorgeous socks. I confess I thought they were Koigu, you are one talented dyer. I hope to see more of Autumn Rose as I know you will want to wear it as the weather gets colder.

  3. Lovely sweater, and gorgeous yarn and socks! You should put a big ol’ link to your etsy shop near the top of your page — it’s probably there somewhere, but I can’t find it. πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats on finishing the sweater! It’s so fun to knit little kids socks. I just finished some for my kids too, children’s sz. 12… but on 56 sts (a bit loose) next ones are on 52 stitches.All the roving looks lovely, makes me wish I had time and skill to spin!

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