As Promised

I sewed the buttons on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan last night, as intended. Since I didn’t have any matching thread, I pulled a strand of the two-ply Felted Tweed apart, twisted the single to make it stronger (finger spinning) and used my home-made “thread” to sew with. I felt so clever, just had to share.

I headed out to the front yard to take some photos. I have to say, doing a self photo shoot is awkward at best, generally makes me feel silly and narcissistic, and usually results in photos I’d rather not share. Today was better than usual.

The Front View, all buttoned up.
The Back View. Pretty cable!
And from the side.

Annnd… that’s where the “proper” photo-shoot ended, as my photographer’s assistant entered the scene, anxious for his own moment of fame.

And then he galloped off, leaving me with an unintentional favorite shot of the sweater after all. (Thanks Rudes!)

Tangled Yoke Cardigan, from Interweave Knits Fall 2007
I knit size 38″, ended up with a 37″ sweater (gives me about 1.5″ ease)
Rowan Felted Tweed, “Watery;” 7 balls.
Knitpicks fixed metal 32″ circular needle, size 2.5 (3mm)

Modifications: I knit the sleeves two inches longer than the pattern called for, which is a pretty standard modification for me. I also picked up 12 less stitches for the button bands, as it seemed to work better that way.
The button bands do gap and pull a bit when they are fully fastened, as the fabric is very soft and pliable; however, I don’t anticipate this being a big issue, as I rarely button my cardigans completely. I suppose I could add some ribbon to the back side to reinforce them if it becomes a bother.

I really love this sweater, and it will probably be the most-worn in my wardrobe. It’s very light, but plenty warm, and the color really is great. The pattern is written well and was easy to follow – highly recommended!

All for now!


26 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. Just fabulous! Honestly, this is my favorite Tangled Yoke I’ve seen yet. The color is beautiful, the fit looks fabulous, and you look very happy. I love the photos with the dog.Now I’m a little bummed that I already have Felted Tweed in red/rage and purple — watery is much nicer.

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful! Wish I could join in, but Arwen is at about 45% (for my mom) and then I have a Scoop-du-Jour at about 75% for me afterwards. And after the holidays it’s handspun fair-isle for as long as it takes. Someday…

  3. I’d looked at the sweater in the magazine and wasn’t that crazy about it. But you did such a beautiful job and made me a believer!Brava! And the photos are very nice. What a great assistant!

  4. I feel the same way about self portraits!Your Tangles Yoke is beautiful. Great color, great fit, and I love the tip about the buttons. I usually use embroidery floss since it’s available in so many colors, but next time I can’t find a match, I’ll remember this post.

  5. When you were talking about your list of holiday gift knits, you meant that matching tangled yoke sweater that you are making for me – right? Bi-coastal wonder twins!

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