You know what they say about the cobbler’s children, and how they have no shoes?
In my house, the knitter’s children have plenty of hats, mitts, socks, and the like, but the knitter herself? Not so much, she was surprised to find!

It actually got cold enough yesterday morning that I wanted a hat – and didn’t have one. Not a single hat. What!??!

So I remedied that last night while watching Miss Marple on PBS.

“Madge” from Knittyspin, Spring ’06
Manos del Urugua wool yarn, less than one skein, “Earth”
Size US7 (4.5 mm) needles
Mods: I knit 1.5″ of 1X1 ribbing on the bottom to make the hat taller.

The ribbing makes all the difference in the world; without it the hat would be way, way too small.

This yarn is actually on it third incarnation; it was a gift from my friend Kari two years ago. First I knit a hat that was too big, then a hat that had a bad brim. When Marian visited she showed me a Madge hat made by our friend Linda, and I ripped out the Bad Brim hat on the spot. It took the 28 degree morning to spur me into action though.

All for now.


7 thoughts on “Hat!

  1. Holy cow, you must be the fastest knitter. That is such a cute hat, lovely yarn. It looks better than the pictures in knittyspin. Have you needles cooled down yet?

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