Misty Morning

Well, those of you who were jealous of the snow needn’t have been; the whole eighth-of-an-inch melted before morning, much to my disappointment, and our temps are back up in the 50s.

It’s been a busy week. Andy returned after being gone for a month (I feel a little vulnerable mentioning such things during his absence, what with the internet being so public. But it was a long month.) and his parents arrived the day after he got back. They’ll be visiting through Thanksgiving. It’s the first time they’ve been to our new house, and it’s a proud and funny feeling to be showing off *our own* home.

I’ve been working away at the holiday knitting list. I should have a couple more pair of socks done by the end of the weekend.

There is also some top-secret stranding going on – I can’t show any more because the intended recipient reads my blog, but I promise photos once its been gifted.

My spinning wheel has not been neglected either. I’m trying to get some more handspun finished so I can post it in my shop.

It does seem like a never-ending task. (There are about 24 more ounces of wool waiting in that photo.)

Through it all I have to resist the temptation to crawl back in bed to nap, as is my inclination on cloudy, rainy mornings such as this one.

Rudy is not helping with this at all. What a terrible dog.

I’ll resurface again shortly – have a happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Misty Morning

  1. Rudy is just trying to help you with your to-do list.How wonderful that Andy is home and family is visiting. Sounds very cozy and happy…almost as cozy as Rudy looks!

  2. I am quite impressed with your tangled yoke cardigan. This is one that is on my must make list after I finish the cobblestone. Yours is a great colour and you look so happy.

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