One outta two ain’t bad… is it?

When I declared my knitting goals for the weekend, I failed to factor in hat-sewing time, so I only finished one of the two pairs of socks.

They came out well; another pair of Squirrel Girl socks, 58 st. around this time, in my “Fireweed” yarn, with coordinating yarn for the cuff, heel, and toe.
Thank you to all for the NotSock gifting ideas – it’s funny the knits one can forget about when feeling stressed… It like when I walk into a huge music store – I suddenly can’t remember the name of a single band I like… I do believe I’ll be taking a break from the socks for a bit, and trying out some new shapes and patterns 😉
In the meantime, I’ll attempt to amuse you by showing off my latest fiber-related acquisitions. (That just sounds so much nicer than, “Lookie what I got!“)
First up, some beautiful pressed amber stitch markers from Zero markers on Etsy. Aija does some great stuff with wire and pearls, and amber too, as you can see.

They’re not for me, though, they’ll be gifted away. But I sure do like to look at them in the meantime…

Next up, I broke down and bought some of the last of Teyani’s colorways from Crown Mountain Farms. The superwash roving is “Happy Together,” and the Sock Hop yarn is “Beat Goes On.”

I had to see how the famous Sock Hop compares to my own spinning. I think I’m doing okay, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Though I couldn’t make it down to Lisbon for the physical Grand Opening of Spunky Eclectic’s new shop space, Amy was generous enough to extend her special sale to her internet customers as well. I couldn’t resist.

Top: 4. oz. merino/silk (80/20) blend in “Burning Bush.”
Bottom: 4 oz. total merino/bamboo (60/40) in “Hidden.”

Top: 4 oz. BFL in “Mahogany.
Bottom: 4 oz. BFL in the special “Grand Opening” colorway.

Mmmm. I can hardly wait to start spinning…

Last, but not least, the latest offering from the Yarn Pirate sock yarn club, a BFL yarn in a colorway she calls “Solstice;” I call it “SO-Luscious!”

So, yup, there’s my blatent consumerism for the past couple months. I’m recovering from the Yarn Fast and consider this my just deserts for missing Rhinebeck…

All for now. I’ll try to be more exciting next time!


8 thoughts on “One outta two ain’t bad… is it?

  1. Ooh, I ordered “Grand Opening” in BFL, too! Couldn’t resist…should have.Socks look great! I’m moving into fingerless mitts very soon (when Arwen is done) and hoping to crank them out quickly so I can finish my illegal raglan cardigan before I go out east for Christmas. Think I can do it? And bake? Aaarghh!

  2. I have been trying to be good and not shop, so I truly enjoyed looking at all your new yarn and fiber. You have some beautiful things to knit and spin, I look forward to seeing them in progress.

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