Now With 200% More "NotSocks" Knitting!

Now that the “official” holiday season has started here in the U.S., gift shopping is soon to be at its peak. Stores full of shoppers, sales, and flashy decorations. I’m not a humbug, but personally I try to avoid such madness; I finished my shopping for the kiddos (most of it online, much at Etsy!) the week before Thanksgiving, and I have only one or two other items to purchase.

The holiday knitting is a whole different story. I’m going to be knitting at top speed until mid-December at least. I’m trying to keep my knit-list to a minimum, but I keep adding more on – you know how it is! I’m sure to become more realistic in a couple weeks.

Here is the first of my NotSocks knitting – the hat of a hat-and-mitts set.

It’s done in a lovely angora/wool blend yarn by Classic Elite, appropriately named “Lush.”

I’m also working on some kid mittens, using the basic mitten pattern from Ann Budd’s book The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.

I’m using two shades of Cascade 220 Heathers (9452 and 9407, if you’re curious.)

The last pair of socks has now been dubbed The Interminable Black Hole Socks of DOOM. Although I managed to finish the toe of the first sock while waiting for Blogger and Flickr to upload my photos.

I’ll cast on for the first one right away to avoid Second Sock Syndrome. Then back to wonderful NotSocks projects!


9 thoughts on “Now With 200% More "NotSocks" Knitting!

  1. I love the hat, it looks so soft and the ribbing turns into cables perfectly. Pretty mitten and sock. Thank you for your advice (and inspiration as your blog started me on this Fair Isle mitten path) on my mitten. Now I have hope that I will be wearing them and I am motivated to start the second one.

  2. Loribird – if you hold me up, I’ll hold you up. I’m a little over half way through thing 2’s sweater and his socks are done. That leaves cracking the whip on hubster for thing 3’s sweater (his socks also done) and doing a rogue for thing 1 and the birch leaf socks. Now, I know you don’t think that the least bit crazy and I’m sure I can count on you to deny it is so if anyone disagrees…..let’s go knit some more!

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