It’s here! It’s here!

I was a bit miffed this morning when I got up and checked the school’s website – cancellations due to weather, yet at 6:30 there was nary a flake in the air or on the ground.

As of 11 am, things are looking a bit different, and I am so thrilled!

Expecting ten inches or more, and then I just hope it sticks around for a little while 🙂 When I let Rudy out this morning, he was leaping and rolling and snuffling around in joy. The girls are hanging out on the couch watching holiday-themed cartoons, waiting for the snow to “get good” (translation: deep enough for sledding.) I’m thinking they don’t have much longer to wait.

All for now, knitting post to come later today.


7 thoughts on “It’s here! It’s here!

  1. How Gorgeous! I’m still praying for snow this year here in GA but I know that there’s next to no chance of it happening. I already told my husband that if things work out we’re spending Christmas up in PA or New England.. I miss the snow!!

  2. I’m so happy for you! I sure wish we would get a bit of snow. It’s colder today, but yesterday it was pouring rain and thundering! In December! Not fair.

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