Some Knitting

I promised a knitting post last night, but the internet went out for a few hours.

I’m working on the second pair of Squirrel Girl mittens, again using Ann Budd’s Basic Mitten Pattern from the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. (That book is really handy!)

I started another pair of socks, very plain (and fast!) in all stockinette, using some self-striping Meilenweit Colortweed (“Farbe 1003, Partie 68852” – I can’t ever remember which is the colorway and which is the dye lot.)

I’ve also finished two tiny raglans (Canadian penny for scale.) They’re so cute and fast, and use next to no yardage at all. I’m refining the pattern, which is just your basic top-down raglan sweater in minitature, and will post it in the next week or so if you all are interested.

I plan to make little hangers out of jewelry wire and turn these into ornaments.

All for now. I think it’s time to bring the Squirrels in for soup and grilled cheeses.


12 thoughts on “Some Knitting

  1. The sweaters are ADORABLE!! I am planning on decorating my tree this year with tiny knitwear.. so its a perfect thing. Have you seen the tiny mitten ornament pattern on Ravelry? (I believe its in my queue.. or I can find the link for you) Its very cute.

  2. Would LOVE to see your top-down pattern! I’ve wanted to make these, but the pattern that I found seemed too complicated for something so wee…(have always thought of taking a basic raglan pattern and shrinking it)

  3. Those sweaters are fab! I would totally be interested in the pattern. (Can you tell I’ve been hanging out with teens? Actually, they would say the sweaters are sick.)

  4. I love the tiny sweaters! The pattern would be much appreciated! I also like the look of that mitten, I wouldn’t mind knitting a good striped mitten…

  5. Cute mitten and sock. It turns out that Farbe is color and Partie is dye lot. I love your little sweater ornaments. You are inspiring me to get out the booklet I bought about them and all the little copper hangers I had made to go with them.

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