To the Weather People

Dear Omnipotent Weather People in the Sky,

It’s been loads of fun, really it has. The landscape is transformed from drab to beautiful, the kids and I spent all day yesterday in a glut of hot cocoa and sledding and snowballing. And it was even nice as the sun set to see the flakes still swirling in the darkening sky.

I really didn’t mind seeing the additional accumulation we got overnight, and I’m really and truly thrilled that it is still cold outside and this snow is staying.

There is no where I want to go, so I don’t mind that my car has been completely buried. Twice.

Besides, the trees are phenomenal right now. I really love it.

But seriously, you can stop now. Seventeen inches is plenty generous for one day.

We’re all satisfied. No, really; we are. You can stop now.

Sincerely (and thanks for paying attention to my snow-dances this fall,)



6 thoughts on “To the Weather People

  1. OH MAN! Please share that snow! We’ve been several winters now with nothing! I LOVE LOVE those itty bitty sweaters! There’s a store in Richmond, VA – The Yarn Lounge – they knit little sweaters with the new yarns. Some have rolled necks, some have cables, etc. All are adorable and give you a great idea of the yarn knit up.

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