Tee-Tiny Raglan Pattern

Tee-Tiny Raglan Ornament

This is a basically a scaled-down pattern for a seamless, top-down sweater. I knit mine using leftover sock yarns, and the finished pieces weighed between 4 and 6 grams, so you don’t even need a lot of yarn!


  • Fingering to DK weight yarn, variegated and self-striping yarns give a particularly nice effect.
  • Set of 5 double-point needles, of a size to give you the gauge you want.
  • A bit of contrasting-colored waste yarn (10 inches or so will do.)
  • Thin gauge wire (or paperclip) to make hanger (optional)

**A note on “gauge:” With this pattern, gauge is very flexible, and hardly matters. I used one size larger than I would have for knitting the same yarn into socks because I didn’t need the ornaments to be as tough-wearing (densely knit) as socks are.**

**Project notes: “M1” in the pattern means “make one” or “increase one stitch.”
This can be done in a number of ways, including yarn over, kf&b (knit f
ront and back in same stitch), making a backwards loop, lifted bar increase (lifting the strand between the stitches and knitting it so it twists), and perhaps some others. I used the lifted bar increase, you should use whatever you are most comfortable with.**

Beginning at the neck:
CO 24 stitches. Divide evenly on four needles (6 on each) and join for knitting in the round (don’t twist.) Place a marker if you wish, or keep your eye on the cast-on tail as a reminder of the beginning of the round.

Work two rounds of K1, P1 rib.

Knit one round even.

1st increase round:
Needle 1: K1, M1, knit to one st from end of needle, M1, K1. (8 st.)
Needle 2: Knit (6 st.)
Needle 3: K1, M1, knit to one st. from end of needle, M1, K1. (8 st.)
Needle 4: Knit. (6 st.)

The needles you have increased on (N1 and N3) will become the front and back of the sweater. The other two needles will become the sleeves.

Knit one round even.

2nd increase round:
Needle 1: K1, M1, knit to one st. from end of needle, M1, K1. (10 st.)
Needle 2: M1, knit to end of needle, M1 (8 st.)
Needle 3: K1, M1, knit to one st. from end of needle, M1, K1. (10 st.)
Needle 4: M1, knit to end of needle, M1 (8 st.)

Continue to increase in this manner, alternating each inc. round with a round of even knitting, until there are 16 st. on each body needle (N1 and N3) and 14 st. for each sleeve (N2 and N4.)

Knit one round even, and after knitting across sleeve stitches, slip the stitches onto a length of waste yarn. You will have 32 st. on the needles, 28 st. on hold.

Divide the 32 st. onto 4 needles, 8 st. on each. Begin knitting around on these 32 st., pulling firmly where the sides meet at the underarms.

Knit in stockinette for 3/4″ to 1″, or as long as you desire; work three rounds of K1, P1 rib, then bind off in pattern.

Slip the held stitches for one sleeve onto three needles, 4 st. on one needle, 5 on the other two. (14 st.)

Join yarn at underarm. Knit one round even.

On the next round, K2tog, then knit around even. (13st.)
Knit even rounds in stockinette until sleeve is approximately elbow length; K2tog, and continue knitting around. (12st.)

When the sleeve is long enough to just reach the cast-off hem of the body, work two rounds of K1, P1 rib.
Bind off in pattern.

Repeat for the second sleeve.

Weave in ends.

Optional: Model the tiny sweater on the end of your finger, congratulating yourself on your cleverness. Show it off to everyone within range, pets included.

Twist the wire into a miniature hanger, slip the sweater onto it and secure with a few hand-sewn stitches at the shoulder if needed.

Feel free to embellish the sweater with cables, tiny lace patterns, even stranded knitting. Repeat until you have as much Tee-Tiny Sweater Cuteness as you can stand!


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