Melting, melting! Ooooh, noooo!

It wouldn’t show in a photo, but the whole white world in my corner of the universe is melting. Quickly. Yup, we’ve been above 35 degrees F for nearly 24 hours now, and the 19 inches of snow I was so excited about is now 7-10 inches of slush. Ick.

I’m really glad you all liked the sweater pattern, and I hope you find a moment to make one. They really are so cute, and quick!

I finished a pair of socks, the blue striped ones to be exact.

They were knit with Meilenweit self-striping sock yarn, just straight-up stockinette socks with a ribbed cuff and flap heel. Hannah-cat shredded the ball wrapper from the yarn, so I can’t tell you which colorway it was, but I’m pretty sure I listed it a couple of posts ago.

I’m almost to the heel on the Golden Delicious socks, and hope to finish them out this evening. Blogger’s giving me fits about photos again, so I feel lucky to have gotten one up – you can imagine the rest, no? I’ve also started the mate to a pair of fingerless gloves I began knitting ages ago, before we left Alaska. More on those in the coming days…

In other “I Clearly Have Sanity Issues” type news, I finally bit the bullet and applied for admission at the local university, and it’s pretty much a given that I’ll be accepted. It’s about time I finished a degree and decided what I’m to do when I grow up. So if I seem swamped and don’t find a lot of time to blog come mid-January, well, that will be why… (Honestly, I’m completely thrilled, though a little intimidated; it’s been quite some time since I was taking classes and had homework of my own!)

All for now!


5 thoughts on “Melting, melting! Ooooh, noooo!

  1. Congratulations on your soon to be student status! You have my utmost admiration. :)I had to laugh at the mention of Hannah’s latest antics. She sure is a pistol.

  2. Yippy! School, what a great challenge to take on. Congratulations on taking that on.And your tee-tiny sweaters are sooo cute! I want to start knitting them right now. Clearly , I have knitting ADD.

  3. What ADORABLE mini sweaters! I will definitely knit a couple as soon as I finish Durrow for the hubby for Xmas (one sleeve more than halfway down, one more to go!) Thanks for commenting about my basement woes…the insurance guy got us a decent amount of money, and we’ll probably be able to pay for almost all of it out of that – although we’ll still have to worry about the fact that our entire front yard is going to be dug up!

  4. Hey Lori I lost track of you for awhile after the sock exchange but glad I caught up with your blog again. I too am going back to school I start in Jan also so no more swaps for me for awhile.

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