In it for the good fight…

I received a most intriguing email this afternoon. It reads:

Guesssss whhhaaaattttttttttttttttt???
1,2,3,4 I declare a KNITTING WAR…………………………..YOU have been chosen…should you choose to accept this mission, you will receive your orders soon….via your blog….your war will be against another yet fun and famous knitter.
What are the details you say… see who can finish ALL Christmas knitting before Christmas……the reward for winning this war you ask……a donation of $5 per winners project to afore mentioned charity of their choice…….anyone wishing to join in must sign in to whomever’s blog they represent by stating “I’M IN” this means they too will meet with every finished project $5 to the charity of winners choice. The secret agents at hand will be keeping track of whose who. I cannot tell you who these 3 people are….well, I could, but then I would have to take all your stash so mumms the word ‘eh.

So strong warrior…………… you choose or not!!!!

P.S. If you accept you must post this exact email on your blog with my name blurred out please:) Your instructions will follow with your answer…..we’re waiting…………….
You have been chosen because of your fun knits and FABULOUS attitude during the most stressful time of the year. We hope you play along, it is A LOT of fun.

You will also need to post the blog address for your fans and so you can get your orders and check the progress of others:)
Well, I wasn’t aware that I was famous (I’ll claim the fun and the knitter parts) but I won’t argue with mysterious contest hosts! I did have a few questions about how things were going to work, so I asked, and here were the answers I got:

here is how it works….

YOU (chosen one heehee) knit like mad, post finished objects often (for fans LOL) and your opponent will do the same….there are THREE secret contributors who will be revealed AFTER the game. THEY are the ones who will be matching $5 per f.o. from winning teams. No fans or bystanders need to donate ANYTHING. This is solely so the 3 secret people can donate the end of the year charity monies they have to some needing charity. It is all for fun for everyone else…..ex:
You v.s. ________ … the deadline you knit 4 objects, she knit 2…… win your team and the secret donators will donate $20 to where YOU choose. It is $5 per finished item of the WINNER.

You can feel free to post this email…..with my name blurred please…..IF any of your fans say “hey I wanna donate too if Lori wins, then that is ENTIRELY up to them, they can wait till the end of the game, see the charity of your choice and viola, they can donate. BUT only if THEY want to. Now what I forgot to mention is the monies will be donated in the WINNERS name not the secret contributors names.

That suits me and my competitive nature just fine – I’M IN!!!

Anyone else who feels like joining in the fun please head over to the Knitting War Blog to sign up, and please check it out occasionally to cheer us ME on.

Ha! Now I’ve got every excuse to do nothing but watch the yarn fly onto my needles and the finished knits fly off! And you know, I won’t be starting school until mid-January, so between now and Christmas-break it’s just me… my yarn… my needles… and at least 6 hours of kid-free knitting time a day! Bwahhaahaahaaa!


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