So, are you with me?

Alright, guys.
It would appear this War thing has just stepped up a notch. Or rather, I just noticed that it has. I checked the blog today, and found I have been assigned an opponent: Anne. Yeah, THAT Anne. Eeek! (*For the record, I respect and -may I say it? – love Anne Hanson, as a designer, a knitter, and a lovely woman who actually responds to emails sent late at night by confused Alaskan knitters. But I still want to win the knitting battle against her.*)

Already she has several people pledging to match the $5 per FO donations of the Mystery Contributers if she wins.
Now, I don’t necessarily expect anyone to do that for me. However, if you’d like to show your support so generously, please go to the KnittingWar Blog and leave a comment saying “I’M IN for Loribird, my name is ___ and my email is ___.” If I should win, I’m planning to donate to UNICEF, because I have admired the work they do internationally since I was a kid.

Aside from the charity, I’m in this for the fun and the motivation of finishing my knits on time (though they did extend the “deadline” to Dec. 31st.) but I’m feeling a bit like… well, like the underdog. Like I need to actually try to garner support, to rally folks to “my side.” So here’s my resume, so to speak

Firstly, I have a tendency to be a competitive and stubborn person. I like a good challenge, and I love to knit.
Secondly, I’m pretty fast when I want to be. If I’m given a time limit, particularly with a worthy reward at the end, well, I’ll use that tenacity of mine to get the speed going.

If you still need convincing, then here:

“Golden Delicious,” my version of Apple Harvest Socks by Apple Laine
Ladies’ medium, 66 stitches around on size 0 (2.0 mm) dpns
My own 3-ply hand-dyed hand-spun superwash merino

I’ve already finished my first gift.
Knit on.

All for now.


10 thoughts on “So, are you with me?

  1. you know, I’m not much on ‘war’, but I will cheer you both on… what happens if there is a tie?and did you see how many things she has already finished??? yipes.

  2. i wouldn’t worry TOO much . . one of the gifts i HAVE to finish before the big day is a sweater, and that’s only one FO. i may have to abandon thoughts of other gift knitting till i’m done with it.

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