What I Learned Today

I’ve made some observations in the past day or so.

  1. Wrapping presents and packing them to ship takes a lot longer than one might expect. In order to avoid stress, one must leave more than a couple hours for this task. And be sure to buy extra chocolate.
  2. It is immensely satisfactory to wrap up handmade gifts. Though I didn’t officially take the “Handmade Challenge” this year, the majority of my presents were handmade, by myself or by another individual or small company. Ahhh…
  3. Scissors and measuring tapes hide out together. Seriously. I have only been able to locate a single pair of scissors, though I’m certain there are at least a dozen pairs in the house. Just to test, I went looking for any of the three measuring tapes I have, and though I had no need for it, not a single one was to be found. They’re all conspiring with the scissors.
  4. Elementary school holiday concerts are always simultaneously: overcrowded, slightly-off key, and heart-wrenchingly adorable. And the best part is watching the kids meander on and off stage; the poor teachers might have more luck herding cats.
  5. Little girls have trouble keeping scarves properly tucked when playing out in the snow.
  6. I can knit two Squirrel-girl sized neck-gaiters in a day, start to finish.
  7. Having a 4 pm sunset really puts a damper on knit-photography, but I’m willing to show them to you anyway. (I’ll get better photos after they’re unwrapped.)
“Li’l Turtles,” pattern of my own invention
Plymouth “Boku,” color 2; just under one skein each.
US 5 (3.75mm) 16″ circular

All for now.


7 thoughts on “What I Learned Today

  1. LOL… my mom would threaten us with grave bodily harm if we touched her scissors (she used to sew clothes and later made quilts). We knew that some scissors always lived in a ‘special’ place: a simple coat hanger thingy on the wall in her sewing room. Those scissors had ribbons on them so my mom could hang them around her neck. When not in use they would decorate the wall. The hook was so high up that we were about 10 before we could reach that high to get one off it and even then it would involve some jumping :)Those neck gaiter’s are very cute!!Cheers Eva

  2. I cannot express the level of admiration I have for you for the amount of handknitted gifts that you not only made but got to the post office on time. Last year I got my gifts made on time, but getting them to the post office was a whole other issue. Kudos!

  3. If only the scissors and the measuring tapes would mate and produce *more* then we might stand a chance finding one of them when we need them. Mine are always missing, too.Your gaiters are cool! How many stitches did you cast on?

  4. wow! those red and white mittens are gorgeous! I am just finishing up a pair from that book for the first round of the No humdrum mittens swap. I am going to have to make these ones next. The colors are striking in that pattern!

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