Gifts and Gifted

I’ve been meaning to post for a couple days, but time has escaped me… what with a birthday to celebrate, Christmas-toy wrapping, and general Holiday Hullabaloo, it’s been rather busy. I did finish the Kids’ Mittens just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve.

My very first attempt at embroidered knitting was successful.

The green-and-blue pair was made with Cascade 220, the red-and-purple with Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted. I used the Basic Mitten Pattern from Ann Budd’s “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.” They were discovered first thing in the morning, hanging on the tree, and there was much squeeling and jumping around.

(For anyone keeping track, these mittens make gift numbers 6 and 7 for the Knitting Wars. I have officially finished all my holiday knitting, but I’m willing to keep on for the cause… I’ve got some nearly-F’d O’s in the bag too.)

My other knitted gifts were very well received as well – at home and away – and it was really heart-warming to see/hear the happiness my needles and wool brought about.

Andy has declared his new hat (Shedir) “Perfect!” and has worn it nearly constantly. I consider this a huge accomplishment, since he is very picky about what he will put on his head.

I have to take the opportunity to show off the fibery gifts I received. The handmade ones, first, since they were such a surprise.

My sister-in-law crocheted me some cotton dishcloths, all the more wonderful because I didn’t even know she crocheted! (I’m hoping I’ve had some influence over her…)

My good friend Marian is getting to be quite talented with the sewing machine. She made me this huge knitting bag, with tons of room and pockets, in the perfect fabrics for me.

There were some books under the tree, AND the set of Knitpicks Options (metal) circular needles that I’ve been coveting so long.

There was yarn, wonderful yarn… two sweaters worth of Kauni Effectgarn (Er. Santa may have had some assistance in the purchasing of this, but I made sure it was out of sight, if not mind, for the past months.) Also a skein of Araucania sock yarn, color 309, which is a luscious blend of rusts, plums, and golds.

Andy did a wonderful job picking out some spinning fiber for me. It’s 12 ounces from Susan’s Spinning Bunny, one of my all-time favorite dyers. 4 ounces each of her alpaca/silk/merino blend in “Blueberry” and “Tamarack and Spruce,” and 4 ounces of targhee in the “Clemantis” colorway.

Hope your holidays were and continue to be good. I’m going to go play with my new needles and string now, but I’ll resurface again before the New Year.


9 thoughts on “Gifts and Gifted

  1. Oh my, I would say you must have been a very good girl but Emma Belle told me Santa brings you toys even if you are bad, you just have to believe. 🙂 Guess that is why I had a good one. Those mittens are so very cute and let me know what you think about Kristen’s book, I have it and love it.

  2. I love how the mittens turned out, and the Shedir looks great, too! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Kauni… Hope you had the happiest of holidays.

  3. I helped Santa pick me out some Kauni yarn too! Mine got “delivered” a day early, but I can’t be too picky, right? 😉 I have to wait to start until after the wifey-poo’s long awaited sweater is finished…LOVE the mittens, very nice job on the embroidery!

  4. I see what a nice touch the embroidery adds to your mittens. You received some very lovely gifts, rovings and yarns I have never seen before and now I covet them. I especially like the hat you made for your husband, thank you for including the link.

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