Two more down.

I do love the winter, and the shortened days don’t really bother me most of the time.

The one exception is when I’ve finished a knitted project, and can’t get a decent photo to post on the blog.

Koolhaas, by Jared Flood, in the Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 issue, and also for sale on the Knitting Daily website.
Size 5 and 6 needles (3.75mm and 4.0mm)
Malabrigo Worsted Merino, semi-solid, “Tortuga”

I lovelovelove this yarn, it is so soft and wonderful to work with. And it even stood up well to the frogging I did while trying to keep track of the crown decreases. (Perhaps attempting them while cooking dinner and talking on the phone was a bad idea; perhaps it was the spiked egg nog. Whatever, it’s done right now.) The pattern was great too, though by now who would expect anything different from Brooklyn Tweed?

The Koolhaas looked lonely, so I made another hat last night while watching (with one eye) episodes of “Bleak House.”

In case you can’t guess from the truly bad photo, it’s a Squirrel Girl hat; the main color is some of my handspun, a brilliant pink batt from Spritely Goods called “Pink Guava.” It’s merino with sparkly “firestar” in it. The white yarn used for the patterning (which was adapted from “Folk Knitting in Estonia”) is Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb sport weight.

So that’s two more items for the Knitting War…. I’ll try to remember to take better pictures tomorrow in the sunlight, hopefully with some scenic falling snow.

Also tomorrow: I’ll tell you all about a KAL you cannot afford to miss out on! Seriously!

All for now!


2 thoughts on “Two more down.

  1. I love the snowflake design on the pink hat! I see that you said it was “adapted from” does that mean that a similar chart is available in that book? If so.. I might have to consider purchasing the book.. its a VERY cute hat indeed! (I also love sparkly firestar – I bought a batt sprinkled with it that I absolutely have to knit soon)

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