Light of Day

As promised, here are the daylight photos of my newest hats, against a backdrop of new snow that fell during the night..

I’d also like to share some yarn that I got yesterday at the little yarn shop here in town.

It’s a 50/50 merino/silk single, dyed by Done Roving Farm, and it’s been calling to me since June… About time I heeded the call, no? There are 3oo yards, a light worsted weight, and I’m hoping to make a Clapotis-type scarf.

Now that I got your attention with the pretties, I want to tell you all about a knit-along that I’m really excited about. It’s called A Loose Knit Group, and it’s a Yahoo! group started by the wonderful Peggy after a discussion we had about how silly we are for leaving our holiday knitting to the last month (or last minute.)
Now I know some of you are intelligent enough to not make the same mistake we have, and some people are smugly knitting themselves complex lace shawls and beginning whole stranded sweaters on December 23rd without a deadline looming. Personally, I’d love to have that sense of security next year.
It is as much a support group as anything, and we are planning to work on a different sort of project each month, putting aside gifts throughout the year in hopes of avoiding the stress of Holiday Knitting in 2008.
January is “Gloves and Mittens,” and there are links to free patterns in the database, though you’re free to use your own patterns too, of course. Hopefully with each others’ motivation, we should all be able to enjoy more next year…
Come check it out!


4 thoughts on “Light of Day

  1. I LOVE those hats!!!! I’ll have to work on those during hat month, whenever that is. 🙂 And you just had to rub it in about getting more snow didn’t ya? I’m here in 48 degree, rainy Kentucky. I think Guns & Roses had a song about Kentucky Rain, no, wait a tick, their song was November Rain, Elvis had Kentucky Rain. 🙂 I WANT SNOW!!!!

  2. I don’t want snow… you can keep that, but that skein of yarn… do you know if the shop has more of that????? It is the love of my life and I want to have its children hehehe.Cheers Eva

  3. Wow – what wonderful holiday knitting you accomplished…and that skein of yarn? Seriously, does the shop have more and are you willing to ship a skein to us less lucky knitters who don’t have it in our LYS?

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