Belated Thanks

I remembered late last night that I have been remiss in a Thank You!

My Knitter’s Tea Swap pal, Macarena, sent me an extra little package, which I received the day before Christmas.

Inside was a sweet holiday assortment of Stash teas, a little bag of Champagne Truffles (which were treated with more restraint than you might expect of a chocoholic like myself – I didn’t devour them until the day after Christmas, thankyouverymuch.) and an extraordinarily cute set of glass sheep stitch markers.

(As an aside, Macarena wrote in her card, “I hope you can tell what animal they are,” and sure enough when I passed them to the backseat for Squirrel Inspection (because of course I rip into surprise packages while the car idles at the bottom of the drive by the mail box) youngest Squirrel said, “What? Are they cows?!” To which her older and wiser sister replied, “No, they’re wooly sheep, see the fluffy bumps? And there are no milkers on their bellies. Duh.”)

Thank you so much, Macarena! It was a lovely and unexpected gift!


3 thoughts on “Belated Thanks

  1. The tudora is awesome. Gotta make some of them. Of course the Koolhaus is awesome, think I’m going to have to queue that as well. But, right now, I’m not talking to you. In fact, I’ve decided I really don’t like, not atall. (English accent on that last word) You turn out FO’s like no bodies business AND more snow. Humph!!!!! If I could I’d take my ball of yarn and needles and go home, but I’m already here.

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