Knitting Wars HQ

Ah yes, one might think that I had nearly forgotten my commitment to the Knitting Wars. While I will admit having some second thoughts about joining during such a hectic season, such thoughts were fleeting.

The onset of a head-cold has come as a mixed blessing; I don’t anticipate feeling up to attending any New Year’s Eve parties (pooh!) but I have given myself full permission to settle in for the duration of the war in my own comfy Knitting Headquarters. They are, as you can see, fully equipped to serve their purpose: yarn, needles, books, tea, tissues, and blankets at the ready.

My loyal companion pledges to remain by my side until the end…

So what am I working on now? As I mentioned, I got all my gifts for this year finished in time, but that left the Gifting Drawer quite bare; it needs restocking, so I’ve been taking this opportunity to give it some attention.

I’ve got another Beaufort hat on the needles, in some handspun I’ve had for quite some time.

There’s also another piece of headwear in progress, using the single skein of discontinued Knitpicks “Panache” that I ordered specifically for this project and then promptly forgot to knit.

I’ll give you more details tomorrow, along with better pics too. We’re expecting more snow tomorrow (don’t be jealous, Peggy!) so perhaps some Squirrel Girl action shots will be possible…

For the record, my count has my completed knit-gifts at 10. Seems a bit low, given that Anne is currently at 14, but don’t you worry – I’ve got more tricks in my knitting bag than you might expect! I don’t lie down that easy! (And that’s about as much trash-talking as you’re apt to get out of me – sorry!)


5 thoughts on “Knitting Wars HQ

  1. well,well,well, look at THAT, how cute is your puppy all guarding and such. HOW on earth did you get your dog to sit so still for the photo? Mine flies all over the Knitting H.Q. like a madman LOL.Looks like you may pull ahead in this Knit Wars since your be home ill with the knits at hand.Good Luck!

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